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 ---I'm yours, for as long as you want me. I'd love to meet him, I look forward to seeing you. Art wasn't the same without you. xx---

A huge smile settled in my face and lighted up my features as I saw myself in the rearview mirror. I turned to look at Oscar who was concentrated in the dark path before him; it would be some minutes before we hit the main street toward the university. The road we were traveling was two lanes, bordering a mountain on one side and with the view of the quiet ocean on the other.

“Hey Oscar,” I chirped, “Guess what, I will treat you for something tomorrow at the café in the beach.”

“I don’t need a treat, I did this as a favour,” he replied, somewhat taken aback.

“I’m not talking about treating you for driving my parents to my aunt’s house,” I said patiently, savouring each passing second. The excitement inside me was impatiently waiting to burst out, “I want to officially introduce you to Sasha.”

Oscar turned and looked at me with a shocked face, “are you sure?”

“Yeah, I figured it’s time for people to slowly start seeing Sasha as my girlfriend rather than only an art teacher and friend,” I drummed my fingers in my lap, “so, tomorrow after classes?”

“Sure,” Oscar beamed at me, content. “So, will I witness two girls kissing tomorrow?” He grinned and winked.

“You wish!” I exclaimed, punching him in the arm. He lost control of the steering wheel for some minutes and the car skidded sideways until he regained control of it. “Sorry!” I blurted. He scowled for some seconds but the matter was quickly forgotten. The moonlight was dancing above the clouds and tempting the rolling of the waves to reach for the celestial body. How beautiful it was tonight! I longed for Sasha to be with me.

The afternoon sun touched the earth with a warm glow as we made our way toward the partially cool sand from the shade. I stifled a nervous laugh as Oscar walked beside me, his usually ruffled-dark hair pushed back from his face with exaggerated amount of gel.

“What are you so nervous about?” Oscar asked defensively, sensing my eyes on him.

“I don’t want Sasha to think I hang out with freaks,” I said, alluring a joke.

“Very funny, Cerice,” he frowned, “so, at what time are we suppose to meet up with her?”

“Eh, we’re already running late,” I said, “Afterwards I have to meet my parents for dinner. My aunt will pick me up and take us to the restaurant at 8:00 p.m.”  I pushed opened the café door and stepped in, with Oscar trailing behind me. Sitting on a table in the corner of the room was Sasha, sipping from a Styrofoam cup. I approached her gleefully and covered her eyes with my hands.

“Guess who’s this!” I imitated the coarse voice of a rough man. I saw Sasha smile widely and touched my hands gently. Her touch sent tingles through my arms.

“Cerice,” she said confidently. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and kiss her in the cheek. “I think I deserve more than a kiss in the cheek for my accurate guess!” she exclaimed and laughed that beautiful laugh that mesmerized me. I gave her a brief kiss on her lips, making sure my body covered us from the rest of the clients in the café. I parted and pulled Oscar to my side.

“Sasha, I’d like you to meet Oscar, my friend from the university,” I said, “Oscar, she is the most beautiful woman that ever set foot on the face of the earth and I’m so lucky to have her as a girlfriend, Sasha.”

“Thanks you for your explicit introduction of myself,” Oscar said with a sarcastic tone, he extended his hand toward Sasha, “nice to meet you.”

Sasha shook his hand and smiled at him, “nice to meet you too. Please sit down, can I order something for you?” She raised her hand to summon her friend, Sam.

Oscar and I took the seat opposite to Sasha and ordered some ice tea from an ever-so-happy Sam. I wondered if Sasha had already told him our good news.

“So, how did you meet Cerice?” Oscar asked, with a curious tone.

“In my art class,” Sasha said, “she is one of the most talented students I’ve ever taught.”

“And since that moment you knew she was the right person?” he inquired again. Oscar can be the most annoying and inquisitive person that ever existed.

“You don’t have to answer that,” I interjected. “Oscar, I brought you along to meet her, not interview her!”

Sasha laughed, “Its okay Cerice, I love talking about you.” She winked at me and I blushed. “The moment I saw her I felt something magical happening inside me, I only wished to be near her…”

“Interesting,” Oscar said. He was taking the matter as an experiment. Just then the door opened and Samuel strolled inside the café. He was topless and his hair damp, apparently he had been by the beach enjoying the fresh waters.

I cringed, why did he have to make his appearance? Samuel ordered a can of coke and leaned on the counter, examining the faces of the café. I tried to hide my face from him and silently pleaded Sasha to do the same thing, but he spotted us already. After getting his coke he strolled to us and set his can on the table.

“Hey guys, nice seeing you around,” he said coolly. “What are two pretty girls doing here in company of this jerk?”

“I would like to ask the same,” I said, looking straight at him.

He looked mockingly hurt, “oh, am I disturbing something? Did Oscar decide to join the gay movement?”

“Whatever you’re talking about!” I said with a rough voice, there was a self-conscious feeling inside me. I just wondered how Sasha and Sam could manage it. Before he could respond to my words, he was tackled to the floor by Oscar. The café burst in commotion as the thin figure of Oscar tried to battle the manly features of Samuel.

The End

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