I was packing up after the class when I got a text. I felt my pocket vibrate, and was about to reach for it when one of the ladies, Elaine, came to speak to me.

"Sasha, I do hope that nice girl who sits at the back hasn't stopped coming here. She's very good you know."

"She is extremely talented, and no she hasn't stopped. She phoned and said that her parents were over and that she was going to spend some time with them."

"Oh that's nice. Good good. See you next class then!"

"Bye Elaine! Keep working on those brush strokes!" I pulled my phone from my pocket and checked the message. It was from Cerice.

----Hey there, my parents are here. They haven’t changed. Same pain in the arse. I already miss you. ---

I smiled and text her back.

---- Grin and bear it! Remember, you're mine on Saturday. I miss you too. Smoothie at the cafe tomorrow? 5 o'clock? xxx----

Grinning absent mindedly I grabbed my bag and followed the stragglers out of the hall, turning off the lights and locking up. I wished Cerice could come to the cafe now, but I guessed she was busy with her parents. I drove in silence to the cafe, thinking over our conversation. We were already acting like a couple that had been together for ages, not one that had been together for a few days. Perhaps we were just so in tune that we molded perfectly with each other. I considered this carefully while I went inside.

"Sam, I need a drink."

"What kind darling?"

"Give me a cola." I sighed. I was having withdrawal symptoms. I wanted to walk with Cerice on the beach, I wanted to kiss her and hold her tight.

"Here you go. What's up?"

"Just tired Sam honey." I took and sip and rested my head on my hand. "Just tired." He left me alone and went to serve some other people who had come in. I sipped at my cola and waited impatiently for a reply from Cerice. Five minutes later my phone buzzed.

---I'm yours always, not just saturday. Tomorrow would be good. Can I introduce you to a friend? You met Oscar, but I'd like him to meet you as my girlfriend. xx---

I smiled, all my stress gone.

---I'm yours, for as long as you want me. I'd love to meet him, I look forward to seeing you. Art wasn't the same without you. xx---

The End

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