“Good night,” I said, kissing her one last time before hopping out of the car. She waved and pulled away from the driveway, speeding down the lane. I stood there watching her car disappear underneath the shade of the trees, my heart overwhelmed with joy and happiness. I turned on my heels and practically prance my way toward my dorm located almost across campus. I didn’t want to take risks in letting people to accidentally discover about Sasha and me.

“You look happy Cerice,” that voice startled me. I jerked my head to the right and saw Sam emerge from behind the shadows provided by the trees. Dread filled my heart as I thought of us being alone in the dark with no one around and the buildings so far from my reach. I backed away when I saw him approaching; I clenched my fist, ready to use it if the situation called for it. No, I will not show fear.

I stood there erected to my fullest height. I locked my fierce gaze on him and asked, “what do you want Sam?”

“Hey sweets, I know you are mad at me for letting my mom go too far with our dating business,” he said apologetically, “that night when you left early everybody was wondering where you’d gone. Where did you go?”

“It is none of your business,” I replied, “but if you are so keen to know, that party was boring me to death.”

“And you decided to go out with Sasha?” he sneered, pacing around me.

My heart beat quickened. “Yes, she offered to drive me back to my dorm, she said she was tired. She excused herself with your mother, as her if you wish.”

“Come on Cerice,” he snorted, “she didn’t just drop you off; there must’ve been something…” There seemed to be jealousy in his voice and demeanor, for some moments I felt pity toward him but that feeling quickly subsided when he said, “how was the kiss?”

My muscles tensed, he couldn’t have possible seen us kissing, that was impossible. He was definitely playing with me, to break my patience with his leers. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

He got closer and placed a finger underneath my chin, lifting my face up. I broke away from his touch and shoved him back. “Don’t touch me,” I warned.

“Beautiful Cerice,” he said softly, “I will never hurt you…” his hands reached once again to touch me but I backed away from him. He was so wrong to think I still wanted something with him. “You are the only girl that has resisted my charms and I wonder why. What makes you so different from the other girls? I found the answer at last, its Sasha.”

“Maybe it’s because I don’t like falling in love with jerks,” I said rudely.

“Stop kidding yourself and pretend that nothing is going on between you and Sasha,” he said, “if you really have no feelings for her then kiss me.”

“You disgust me,” I spat and walked away. He spun me around and took my face in between her hands, forcing my face toward his. “Stop it, let me go!” I screamed, kicking and punching him in the chest. His lips were only inches away from mine, I felt helpless and overpowered by him.

“Leave her alone!” I heard several thuds! on Sam’s back. He finally released me, blocking whatever it was that was pounding on his back. It was Oscar, hitting him with his thick calculus book.

“Hey dweeb, you chose a wrong night to annoy me,” Sam had his fist clenched ready to strike Oscar. Just then a campus patrolling cart went speeding close to them; Sam halted and disappeared from behind the bushes.

“You okay?” Oscar walked to me, he was out of breath.

I nodded, “you made it just in time.” I forced a small smile, what happened just now seemed surreal. “Thanks.” He nodded and we silently walked together back to our dorm hall.

“It’s kind of late for you to walk all by yourself,” he observed, pushing his glasses farther up. “Where were you?”

“I was out,” I answered not giving him many details.

“With Sasha?”

“You overheard us?” my voice was slightly annoyed. What was the big deal in dating someone in secret?

“No, last night, with my binoculars, I saw both of you kissing,” he admitted. I spun and looked at him in disbelief, my mouth hung open. “Before you start accusing me, it was by accident!”

Something like embarrassment shot through my face and my pace quickened.

“I won’t tell Cerice,” Oscar said, jogging behind me, “I promise!”

We reached the hall and I ran the steps to my dorm, leaving Oscar yelling behind me. I reached my door and allowed myself in. Oscar had caught up with me, “Cerice, I promise I won’t tell, do you believe me?” he was panting but he was being honest.

“I believe you; I’m tired now, good night.” I smiled at him and closed the door. My heart was fluttering and suddenly I felt fear toward Sam and gratefulness toward Oscar. Sam’s word stuck in my heart, he was subtly calling me a coward for not coming forth with my feelings. What was I afraid of, rejection perhaps? I walked to my desk and saw my mobile blinking.

Oh shoot, I totally forgot to bring my mobile with me. I flipped it open and found several missed calls from my aunt and one message:

“Hey Cerice, it’s your auntie Mathilda. How are you deary? Why didn’t you returned any of my calls? Well, anyways, your parents called me today and asked if I had any spare rooms. Get it? They are coming to Australia for a week, aren’t you happy? Call me when you can. Loves.”

“Oh no,” I whispered. I closed my eyes, “what am I going to do?” Should I tell Sasha?

The End

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