I woke on saturday morning feeling so refreshed and happy. I stretched in my bed, feeling every muscle stretch with me, then felt a smile grow on my face. I bit my lip, thinking of the dream I had had last night. Cerice and I had been walking together on the beach, our fingers entwined and our lips tingling with the taste of each other. Then my smile broke in to a grin as I realised this hadn't been a dream. Cerice, she was... my girlfriend. I laughed a rolled from my bed, practically skipping to the shower.

My phone buzzed as I dressed, and I grabbed it.


"Hey, it's me."

"Cerice." I breathed her name. This was confirmation that my 'dream' wasn't a dream. "Morning beautiful. Got aany plans for today?" I could practically see the blush rising in her cheeks. I wished I could kiss that blush.

"I don't know, what do you think we should do?"

"Well since we might run in to some of your university friends, I thought you might like to come for a drive with me. I know a great place to picnic and take photos further up the coast."

"That sounds good."

"At the risk of sounding like a boring adult, make sure you wear flip flops or something ok? Sand is a bugger in trainers." She laughed, and I rejoyced once again in the sound. "Good, I'll pick you up in half an hour."

"I'll be ready. Only... could you park away from the entrance? Sam's on desk duty."

"Don't worry, I will. See you in a bit." She hung up and I threw myself on the bed and clutched the phone to my chest. God I think I love her.

I drove to the University and carefully checked my reflection. No way was I looking bad in front of her. I saw Cerice coming out of the door and my breath caught. She looked so much more carefree in her shorts and t-shirt, and the sun glanced off her skin and made her seem to be glowing. I smiled and opened the door as she reached it. She slid in.

"Hello." She said. She seemed nervous, as though in the daylight she was not as confident or strong willed.

"Hey." I smiled and squeezed her hand. "Let's get out of here shall we?" She nodded eagerly, and I put my foot down. As we drove out of town, Cerice relaxed. Aware that there were no prying eyes, she began to chat freely about how beautiful Australia was, and how she couldn't wait to take photos. I smiled and chatted with her. She was so easy to talk to, so compatible with me. It was incredible.

After almost twenty minutes of travelling on hidden country lanes I turned off in to a small area where there were no cars. I parked and we climbed out. Cerice stood looking about her at the trees while I opened got the picnic I had created out from the back of the car. I grabbed a blanket and Cerice's hand and led her through the trees.

"This isn't when you kill me is it?" She said jokingly. I turned round seriously. For a moment her face panicked and then she frowned. "You shouldn't do that."

"You did it yesterday when you said you would try it on with Sophie." She frowned again. "Alright, no more scary comments." I continued to walk along the sandy path, and after a few moments she followed me. When we emerged from the trees I saw Cerice's face light up. Here was the beach, the warm water gently creeping in and creeping out. There was no one here, it was peaceful and paradise. I looked at Cerice. She was staring round with a contented expression.

"Do you like it?" I whispered. She nodded, speechless. I slipped my hand in to hers and she turned.

"It's beautiful."

"Hmmm. I love it here. So peaceful." She smiled. I put the picnic basket down and layed out the blanket, taking off my sandals and sitting down. Cerice did the same. I pulled my camera out from the basket and aimed it at her. She ducked.

"No! No pictures!" She was grinning.

"Oh come on! Just one!" We scrabbled about, laughing, on the blanket until I'd wrestled her underneath me. "Please!" She laughed.

"Get off you crazy woman!" I rolled off her still laughing and grabbed my camera again.

"Please. Just one photo. For me?" She sighed and then pulled a face. "No! A nice photo." She frowned, then shook her head.

"I can't do it. I'm no good with having photos." I pulled a sad face and put my camera down. She slipped her hand in to mine. I smiled and sought her lips with mine. Finally I could kiss her again! Our lips met and I sighed with happiness. Today was going to be perfect. And I'd definately be getting a photo when she was staring out to sea. That way it would be natural. Our lips parted.

I opened my eyes and let the sunlight in again.

The End

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