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"You've used the concept of divine proportion very well," Sasha praised, a bit reluctant as if she wanted to leave. "We have a young Da Vinci among us."

I smiled at her compliment, feeling good with myself but at the same time awkward. I said I wouldn't think of Sasha as more than an art teacher but for some strange reason my thoughts were always back to her. I felt her wariness towards getting closer to me, not that I wanted that, but it felt strange. She lingered some more on my sketch and then walk to watch the progress of the others.

I did something very stupid over the weekend, something I wouldn't have done if I was thinking clearly. But how can I think clearly when my heart was thumping in my chest every time I thought of Sasha? Right after my date with Sam, right after I had resoluted to let Sasha go off from my mind, I was asked out once again. Sam said he was meeting with his parents in their yacth off the Australian coast and he wanted me to go with him. I accepted, wondering what could possibly go wrong. Besides I was certain I could busy my mind with the marine life.

The weekend finally came and Sam drove me to the pier, I met his parents and we settled inside the magnificent ship for lunch. After lunch, Sam and I went to scuba-dive for some minutes. The coral reef was the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life, its bright colours and shapes were definitely alluring. All I wanted in that moment was to take a camera and snap a picture of it. My mind reeled back to Sasha once again.

I was determined to get Sasha out of my mind, telling myself I wasn't homosexual because the thought of it scared the hell out of me. Once we were out of the water, Sam leaned in to kiss me but I pushed him away. That reassured me that I wasn't losing my head totally.

I looked intently at the young women modeling for us, scrutinizing their body and the effect of light playing in their smooth skin. Their hair cascaded on their backs and their eyes were bright and beautiful. Their straight poses gave a regal impression. I was lost in thoughts, delving my mind into recreating a pair of beautiful eyes. When I was done, I stepped back from my drawing and I saw Sasha's eyes staring back at me. I blushed and yanked the paper away from the easel, crumpling it. I was aware the whole class was watching me but I didn't care. My cheeks were burning with embarrassment, I wanted no one to see that I couldn't get Sasha out of my mind.

A soft, gentle hand tapped my shoulder, "Cerice, are you okay?" It was Sasha.

Immediately I spun around and gave her a quick smile, "sorry, I want to start all over."

"Why, what was wrong with your previous drawing?" she asked concerned, both her hands were behind her back. "I think it was very beautiful."

Before I could answer, the door opened to reveal a middle-aged woman with very fine and elaborate garments, her hair was pinned up in a bun, and her eyeglasses were dangling slightly over the brim of her nose. "Good everning everybody," she greeted with a charming smile and entered the class.

I cringed and ducked my head from behind the easel to avoid being seen. It was Sophie Winters, Samuel's mother! The whole weekend, she got the wrong impression of both of us, she regarded Sam and I as a couple. Sasha seem to noticed.

"Class, I'll like to introduce this charming lady to you," she said with a warm smile. Her words flattered Sophie, "she is Sophie Winters, a member of the board of directors."

Several greetings aroused from the class as they greeted Sophie.

"You always know how to make me blush, dear," Sophie chuckled. "Well, I just want to announce that we are having a faculty party and students are welcomed to come. We will be hosting it in the parlour of the rec hall on Friday night. We hope all of you can make it."

Several happy remarks sounded through the classroom. Sophie was very pleased by their joy, then she tiptoed and scan the room. "Sasha, dear," she said, "don't you have a student called Cerice in this class?"

I looked up at Sasha and with my eyes pleaded for her silence. She understood and returned me a soft smile.

"Yes I have, but she is out right now," Sasha walked over to Sophie. "You know her?"

"Yes," Sophie giggled childishly as if she was back to being a teenager. She said in an audible voice, "she is the new girlfriend of my boy, you do remember Sam don't you?"

My face turned into a darker shade of red, the only thing I wanted to do now was to tear Sam apart. I peered from behind the easel and found both women talking joyfully. I wished I could tell Sasha he wasn't my boyfriend. For some reason, whatever Sasha thought of me mattered a lot to me.

The End

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