Art class againMature

Despite the promise I had made to myself I spent the entire week thinking of Cerice. I didn't even pay full attention to my dance class, which made me feel bad but it couldn't be helped. By the time Monday rolled around I was a complete state. Would she come to class? Would she bring Sam her... boyfriend? I almost choked over the thought. With only an hour till my art class I paced up and down the beach, trying to cope with my emotions. This was ridiculous. It shouldn't be happening at all. I stared at the sun for ages until I realised there was only five minutes left until the class. I ran up the beach, dusted sand from my feet and entered the hall.

At first I didn't think she was there, and a strange mix of disappointment and relief washed over me.  Then I spotted her blonde and red hair at the back and the same mix of emotions hightened. I stood at the front and didn't meet her eyes.

"It's nice to see everyone back. I've arranged for two of my dance friends to model for you, they will be at your disposal." Jesse and Kelly came forward and positioned themselves on the sofa I had prepared. "Take care to capture the shadows in the curves of their bodies, that's how you will create the space that is hard to capture."

I sat and began to sketch the couple myself, trying to gather myself before I had to go and look at Cerice. After a few minutes I gave in, my mind wasn't on my task, and so I went to look at the work being created by the class. Again, there were so many good people, and I wandered amongst them giving tips and constructive criticsim. Finally it was time to face Cerice.

I stood behind her and looked at the sketch. It was incredible as usual, and she had the figures to a tee already. Now she was shading tthe shadows in to the picture. Right, focus, act proffesional.

"Very good Cerice." I was about to move on when she, hesitantly, spoke.

"Sasha...? Do you think the heads are in proportion with the bodies?"

I turned back and went to stand behind her, afriad of getting too close in case we touched.

"Yes, you've done it perfectly" I said softly.

The End

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