Let goMature


"Do I look handsome with this?" Samuel asked, turning on the spot with a denim jacket on. I looked at him briefly and rolled my eyes.

"Are you serious?" I scoffed, "is this what you do on a date with a girl?"

"Hey, honey, don't give me a hard time, we came here to have some fun," he grinned, taking the jacket off. "Come on, I will treat you to something now."

"Finally," I replied sarcastically, "I thought I would die of hunger and boredom before this awful date was over."

"You're so funny," he return my sarcasm. We walked out of the shop, I was confounded when he opened the door for me. "Is that not what a gentleman does?"

I couldn't help but smile at his remark. Although this was a set up date by him, it was my first and I was enjoying slightly. At least I had  more chances to voice my ill opinion of him and on everything he did. He didn't seem to care much about what I thought about him, he only wanted my company to boast of his skills as a "ladies man". Fine, if this is what it takes for Sasha to keep her job then bring it on.

We were in this place almost an hour, it was his decision to come here after, he said it was were many young people hang around. I just wished Sasha wouldn't be here. As we were crossing the streets, Sam made an abrupt movement, he wrapped his arms around my shoulder. I panicked, I had explicitly told him there would be no contact whatsoever, but I just couldn't make a scene right now, not with everybody watching.

That was when the world seem to stop, the moment I saw her exiting the coffee shop carrying bags. Sam had also spotted her, a mischievous smile settled on his lips, and his eyes gleamed with madness.

"Sam, I swear to God that if you utter a word you will regret it..." I hissed at him, but it was too late. He had called her name once we were on the sidewalk. I gave her a brief smile and looked at my shoes, I just couldn't face her eyes. After exchanging some greetings she was on her way to do more shopping.

"Why you did that for?!" I demanded, shaking his arm off my shoulders and pushing him roughly. I took some steps away from him and he cackled even louder. "This is not funny, I told you not to touch me and..."

"Calm down Cerice!" he said through fits of laughter, "I just wanted to see her expression when she sees us together. It was worth a million!"

"What? Why would you be interested in her expression? As if she cared for two university students walking down the street," I said. For some minutes I wished for the contrary. Sasha, how I wished I could run after her and spend the day with her watching the sunset, just like yerterday.

"It is clear, love," Sam said, composing himself, "its obvious she is interested in you."

Those words made my stomach flipped a couple of times before settling. Blood rushed to my head, making me feel very dizzy. Suddenly, the world seemed to stop and my breathing was cut short. "W..what?" was all I could said after his bold statement. It was impossible, Sasha could not be interested in me. "She is interested in me as her art student."

"Please, don't fool yourself," he said, "we both know she wants you, it reads in her face!"

"That's not true," I said, some part of me refused to acknowledge that I wanted Sasha and she wanted me. Everything was so new and confusing, I suddenly felt scared and alone. I embraced my suddenly cold body and rocked in my place, feeling weak.

"Do you have feelings for her?" he asked. I looked up to his face, somewhat contorted with disgust and apprehension.

What could I answer? Everything was happening so suddenly, meeting Sasha had been amazing, but falling in love with her? That, I never could've imagined possible. It was true that many times I had think of her and even dreamed of her, but nothing so serious as to consider being her partner. It wasn't possible, Sasha didn't have feelings for me either.

"....No..." I replied uncertainly.

"Good then," he said happily and took my hand. "Come on, this coffee shop serves the best hot chocolate in the world."

I walked behind him feeling numb. My mind was streaming with many thoughts, none of them clear. I knew that I would regret my answer, and I also knew I would regret allowing him to take my hand. But there was nothing I could do right now. I had to let Sasha go.

The End

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