A little retail therapy.Mature

After school the next day I decided a little retail therapy was in order. I'd been up all night, my mind constantly playing over and over yesterday's events. Cerice occupied my mind nearly every second, everything I did reminded me of her. So I decided it was time for a little me time.

The high street is filled with fabulous shops and cafes, none of which have anything on Sam's place of course but they're nice for a little stop when you have a million bags with you. I'd bought two tops, a dress and some skinny jeans by the time I collapsed in to the chair of a little cafe on the end of the street. I ordered a hot chocolate and sighed. The whole afternoon without thinking about a certain someone. Damn, does that count? I laughed at myself and stared out the window. People were out in full force today, and I could see lots of young people walking together. I wondered whether any of them went to the university... oh there I go again. Dangerous ground.

I'd just finished my hot chocolate when I saw the young boy who had been talking to Cerice last night coming out of the shop opposite. He turned, as though waiting for someone. Then I saw her.

Cerice exited the shop and began walking with Sam across the road. He put his arm around her shoulders as they reached the pavement. Oh my god they were together! I scraped my chair back and grabbed my bags. Since I'd already paid there was nothing stopping me leaving as I felt an ache in my chest. My last bit of hope had vanished. 

An inner debate started. If I left now there was a high chance they would see me, but if I didn't, they could come in. They had paused outside of the cafe and seemed to be talking. I decided on leaving now. With my bags in hand I opened the door and turned immediately right, praying with every inch of my body that she wouldn't see me.

"Sasha!" I paused and took a deep breath before I turned round. Cerice was looking at her feet while the boy who had shouted my name grinned.

"Hello? Do I know you?" I asked, trying to keep my voice calm.

"Yeah, my mum is on your board of directors. We met at the school function last year remember?" Ah yes, I thought his face looked familiar.

"Oh you're Sophie's boy. I remember." I remember him being a complete ladies man.

"I believe you know Cerice." I glanced at her, she was still looking at the floor.

"Yes, you came to my art class right?" She glanced at me and nodded. "Well it was nice to see you both and I hope you can come next week Cerice. I have some shopping to do."

"Treating yourself?" Sam asked, with a swagger so big I wanted to punch him right there. Cerice deserved better.

"Yes. Tell your mother I said hello." I turned swiftly and hurried down the street. As soon as I rounded the corner I jumped in to a shop and leaned against the door. The shop keeper stared at me. I smiled and disappeared in to the shelves. It was a book shop, so I was easily lost behind stacks of novels. I caught my breath in the Enid Blyton section, refusing to let tears flow. I'd thought, for a moment, something was happening. But obviously not. I pushed away the thoughts and went to look for some art books for school.

There had been nothing, I was mistaken. And it was better that this had happened now, instead of later. When I next saw her, I would be friendly, but nothing more.

The End

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