I cringed when I saw Samuel standing by the door and smiling that stupid and arrogant smile in his face, I almost felt like punching the teeth out of him.

"Hey Cerice, its very late, I was worried about you," Samuel says with a slight mock in his voice. "I really wished the professor had paired us together, Oscar was so lucky to spend the day at the beach with you."

"You need not be," I replied, placing my hands on my hips, "we didn't do much." I would show him I wasn't intimidated by his presence or his remarks.

He had a wry grin in his face, "is that Sasha Tillman over there?" he nod his head to the Sasha's car, that was not leaving the driveway.

"I don't know," I replied curtly, walking to the stairs. I was in no mood to take the elevator and I really didn't want him to corner me in such a small place. At least in the stairs I had a chance to flee if needed.

"Ah, come on Cerice, I thought we were friends," he said innocently, "I just want to know with whom you spend your day with. I guess I see what's going on here," he gave me a snobbish grin, "you are jealous right?"

"Jealous?!" I scoffed, stopping in my track to face him. We were now walking the stairs of the second floor. "Why would I be jealous? And what if she was, why would you care?" I turned around and continued walking, now my pace was faster. "You don't happen to take her art class do you?" I wished his answer to be no, it was enough to see him almost on every class I was in.

"No," he answered as if my question was the most absurd thing he'd ever heard in his life. "My mother is part of the board of directors where she works, and, is really hard to miss that babe when she walks through town with her long limbs."

A hot, indignant feeling surged to my heart as I heard him call her 'babe'. "If you like her so much then go seduce her and leave me alone." I really didn't mean what I said, but I was too angry and uncontrolled.

"See, you are angry once again!" he exclaimed satisfied. "I wouldn't meddle with her, everybody knows her reputation with young girls."

I whirled around in my spot to face him, a flustered expression in my face, "what?"

"Oh, didn't she told you she is a lesbian?" he snickered. "I bet she didn't, she only wants to get close to you and make you her new girlfriend."

"You are an idiot," I snapped and continue walking, "why would you care about her sexuality? We have nothing going on between us," I forced those words from my mouth with uncertainty, "she is my art teacher and I am her student and that will remain that way."

He chuckled, we were now in the long hallway and at the end of it was my dorm. "I am so glad to hear you aren't a lesbian," he said, "I just can't stand those kind of deviated people."

"They are people," I said angered, "I hate people who think they are superior than others based on their sexual preferences."

"Aw honey, don't take it against me," Samuel said, "it is not my fault they aren't as well accepted by society. I don't like the fact that you hang around with Sasha..."

"She is wonderful at her work," I said, defending her, "that much I know about her."

"And you would like to keep it that way, right?" his face turned into a shade darker.

"What are you implying?" I asked, wary of the answer.

"Nobody from her school knows about her sexuality," he said, treading with caution. "It would doom her if her students knew she was a lesbian. What would her female students think about having her as a teacher?"

"That question is redundant and conditional," I said, rolling my eyes. "How are you so sure she is?"

He didn't answer my question but he knew he had me cornered. "One date," he said, "all I'm asking of you is to go out with me in a date. After that, I will forget about the whole ordeal, tomorrow, after class, okay?" He looked at me then added, "my mother exerts quite an influence over the others in the board."

"Fine," I said, glowering at him, "one date and that's it." I got into my room and shut the door in his face before he fathomed entering my sanctuary. I lay on the bed, defeated. It had been a good day after all, but something had to ruined it, as always. At least, Sasha will be keeping her job if I accept to go out with him. What could happen in a date with a guy?

I looked out of the window and fell into a slumber, with thoughts of Sasha.

The End

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