Beautiful sunset with a beautiful girlMature

I'd never shared this place with anyone before, not even my ex. She hadn't appreciated my passion for landscape, for nature and for the world. She could only appreciate fashion and the latest magazines and styles. I startled myself thinking of her like this. I wasn't used to it; normally I couldn't find a bad word about her, except that she'd broken my heart. Perhaps this meant that I was over her. Suddenly I felt confident, more so than ever before. I braced myself against the sky and would have yelled out in triumph if Cerice was not next to me. I let my eyes wander to her face; she was staring out at the sunset as though it were her very life. She looked incredible in the sunset. Then her eyes met mine and I blushed, wanting to pull myself away but not being able to.

She blushed and I felt guilty. I was making her uncomfortable, I knew I was. I tore my eyes away, even though I didn't want to.

"Sorry. I was just thinking..." Oh quick, lie. Think of something clever. "... that this would make a really good painting."

"Oh." I saw her drop her eyes next to me, and she began fiddling with her jacket.

"Yeah." Damn. This was not going well. I wanted to bury my head in the sand. "So um, did it freak you out earlier, you know, with Sam talking about getting a boyfriend."

"Um no. I just wasn't expecting it."

"Yeah cos Sam is so butch." I said laughing. She looked offended for a moment and my heart skipped, but then she shrugged and laughed with me.

"Fair. It's just, where I grew up, being gay is a sin, especially for my parents. My friend, she got thrown out of school because of it."

"Oh. That's horrible." I felt bad for her and wanted to take her in my arms.

"Yeah. If they knew I was... talking to gay people they'd have a fit." Ouch. But it didn't sound like Cerice had inherited this homophobia.

"But, you don't think the same as them right?"

"No." Her face twisted, as though she was confused. "I just find it hard to adapt when I've spent so many years with all that hate."

"Yeah, I can understand that. My mum and dad chucked me out over it."

"Over... oh."

"Yeah I'm a lesbian." I chanced a glance at her, but she didn't seem freaked out. Well, maybe a little, but not like she was going to run away or anything.

The End

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