Watching the SunsetMature


Why, oh why did I have to asked her about photography? Did it really mattered if she took photos or not? What was I thinking of, I knew immediately, I just wanted to found some common ground between us and kept her longer by my side. The recurrent word that have been bouncing in my head came back to me: why. The consequences were dire after that, she offered me a ride. What was I suppose to answer? I had known her only yesterday and now my head was full of her, not only was she a total stranger, but she was also my art teacher. I had to choose, allow myself to experience these new feelings or hurt her feelings.

I sighed and chose the former, "sure, I'd love to get back to my dorm without sand getting in my shoes." There, I said it. I looked up at her and found her beaming with delight. Why did I said yes? Again that word.

"Sure thing, its on my way," she turned to Sam, "it was a lovely time I spent with you, thanks for the lively chat. I'll see you around."

"Sure thing Sasha, have a fun ride," he grinned maliciously, which only made me doubt my answer further. "Oh, by the way, I never got your name, sweaty."

"It is Cerice," I said, waving a good-bye to him and exiting the cafe after Sasha. The sun was less powerful and the sea breeze welcomed us to the exterior. I inhaled deep, the slightly salty air filling my lungs and renewing my energies. My legs were somewhat shaky and unstable, I wondered what new things I would learn from her this day.

"We don't receive those breezes as much as we wanted to," Sasha commented, rounding the corner into the parking lot. We arrived at her car, an elegant porsche gleaming under the sun. I lift my eyebrows in surprise and amazement. "Consider yourself lucky," she grinned. "Come on in."

I opened the door clumsily, I was far too nervous and I was afraid it might show. After all, Sasha was witty and clever, nothing could go amiss under her clever eyes. We sat there silently while the car was warming itself up, unsure of what to talk about or praise each other for. I seemed to do that a lot lately, praising Sasha for everything she did, matter not small.

"So, why Australia?" Sasha asked, setting the car in reverse and pulling away from the parking slot. She then drove out of the parking lot and into the streets, she glanced sideways expecting my answer.

"It was the farthest place from home I could think of," I answered sheepishly. "And I love the Australian beaches and sunsets."

She laughed and forced a pleasant smile from my lips, her cheerfulness was really contagious. "Your parents must be very fond of you, protecting you so much. How did you convinced them to let you go so far from home?"

I hesitated in the answer, some part of me wished to keep Sasha as a stranger and only a mere acquaintance, but for some reason I wanted her to know about me. "Because one of my aunts live nearby, she said she would take care of me and made me feel at home. I have to spend holidays with her..."

"Smart girl," Sasha smiled. "Hey, so, you said you enjoyed watching the Australian sunsets?" She looked at her watch, "its about an hour till sunset, if you have time I'll like to take you to my favourite spot to photograph sunsets. It is a very beautiful scenery and I am sure you will enjoy it." She gave me a reluctant and inviting smile.

I wasn't prepared for that! I drummed my fingers nervously on my knees trying to force my mind into thinking more rapidly. We were one streetway away from entering the university driveway, one streetway away into making the most important decision of my life so far. "Sure," I said weakly.

"Fabulous," she said and pressed on the accelerator.

I watch the university buildings rushing past us as we left it behind, soon enough they were only a blur in the horizon. To think I was going to a place with Sasha, alone, gave me a sort of tingling sensation of uncertainty. After twenty more minutes, her car finally pulled to a stop as we arrived at a clearing just off the road. The land was barren with small grass growing in random places. This place offered a view of the shoreline below and farther into the sea, which seem to fused with the sky slowly fainting to pink.

"This place is breath-taking," I whispered, walking out of the car and closer to the edge. It seemed to me that this was the balcony of the Earth and I was allowed to rejoice from its views. "This place is amazing..." The sun was now lingering in the horizon, casting the waters and the clouds with a golden and ember glow. The twinkling of the first stars began appearing in the sky.

"I knew you would like it," she said, standing beside me with her eyes transfixed before her. "I am in love with this place."

I saw her peaceful expression and suddenly felt an urge to take her hand and tell her she wasn't the only one, but I dare not. I was just content with standing there by her side and watching the sun go down below the sea. I couldn't stop the rushes of feelings warming up my heart and filling the loneliness I carried for years. I gave myself in and allowed thoughts of Sasha to cloud my mind.

The End

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