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The warm sand somehow made its way inside my converse, I sighed and stoop once again to untie them and pour the sand out of my shoe. If I had known my physics professor would send us out to the beach this morning, I would've wore something different and much more comfortable and suitable for the present situation. I put my shoe backed on and tied it.

"Are you ready to move or what?" a male voice snapped at me.

I looked up and saw the classmate whom I had been team up with, Oscar. His complexion was lanky and skinny, his eyes were deep blue, and his nose was slightly too big. His face was full with freckles and he wore this big eyeglasses that opaqued his otherwise cunning eyes. Both of our pale skin seem to glow underneath the midly scorching sun as if we hadn't been exposed to it for ages.

"You should've wore flip-flops," he said matter-of-factly. "I don't get this new fashion era." He rolled his eyes and walked farther into the beach.

"Smart-ass," I muttered, following him. Great, I was stuck in the beach with a dork. Our assignment consisted of studying the waves, how they were created, how they were set in motion, and in identifying the different parts that forms a wave. We also needed to figure out the general outline of the beach and the tidal activity for the last months.

"So, you are the chic from France, eh?" Oscar asked, squinting through the sunlight and looking up at me. Yep, I was taller. "I heard Samuel talking about it last night, he was boasting that he could get you in bed before asking you out in a date with him."

I cringed at the thought of Samuel and his clear intentions when we met. Why was he so attracted to me? I wasn't considered very pretty back in France, so why here. Something clicked on my mind, he was there for the challenge of seducing "one of my type". But I wasn't planning on giving in. "Tell him to stop dreaming," I retorted, "as if I wanted to go out with him, even less, get in bed with him."

"Every girl says that," Oscar said.

"Shut up," I snapped, taking my pen and jotting down some description of the weather.

"Girls," mumbled Oscar, before opening his retractable chair and setting down on it.

I frowned. What a gentleman. I stood there motionless, listening to the soft murmur of the sea and the mirthful laughter of the people enjoying a day at the beach. Minutes died away when I realized I had spent over an hour rooted in the same spot looking at the vast immensity of the ocean. I looked down at my blank notebook and the careless fashion I was holding the pen.

"Watch out!"

Next thing I know, a massive body of toned muscles and abs crashed into me, unbalancing me as I plummeted to the sands. The sunrays hit me hard on the face almost blindingly as more sand was heaved onto me.

"Hey, you okay?" a rough, male voice asked. I felt him searching for my hand and pulling me up to my feet.

"What is your problem?!" I yelled, shaking my hands from his grasp. "Can't you see a person standing there before you run around chasing your frisbee like a bloody blind bastard?" Rage boiled inside me.

"Geez, calm down, lady," the man with the sturdy complexion said, bending down and taking his frisbee, "it was an accident..." He grinned and continued playing.

"You are so sensible Cerice," Oscar said disapprovingly, "are you having your period?"

"I won't have this conversation with you," I fumed, "I'm thirsty and tired from standing up. I'll go to that cafe over there, see you." I waved at him and walked away.

I pushed open the door for the Jolly Roger café and much to my dismay found the tables all occupied. The only available seats were the stools by the bar. I approached them and a man greeted me with a wide grin.

"Hi, you are new. Welcome to the Jolly Roger café, what can I offer you?" his voice was a pitch too higher for my sensitive ears.

Just like a badly shot commercial, I thought before ordering a strawberry smoothie. I shook my hair from the excess of sand it might have before my smoothie was brought back. "Merci," I muttered, then realized I had unconsciously switched languages.

"Oh, I must've known!" he exclaimed, "you are French, how you do? My name is Sam and I run this place. Are you here on vacations?"

"No, university," I said, fumbling in my pockets for some cash. "Shoot," I muttered. I forgot to bring my wallet!

"Don't worry, this goes on me," a sweet voice said.

I lift my head and found Sasha smiling at me as she pushed a bill across the counter to Sam. I blushed and tried to controlled my fluttering heart. "Thanks," I said, "I will pay you on Monday..."

"Sure thing," she said so effortlessly I envied her. Why was my heart beating so fast when I saw her? "Why are you covered in sand?"

"Long story," I said, wishing to leave.

"Wait, you two know each other?" Sam asked, "that is so cool."

"Yeah, she goes to my afternoon art class," Sasha smiled even brighter.

"Oh, yes," I said, suddenly feeling awkward toward Sam. "Are you two a couple or something?" I just had to take this question out of my head. Sam beat Sasha on the answer.

"Oh, no, my dear," Sam said, "I know how charming Sasha can be but she is not my type. Besides, I am getting myself a new boyfriend soon..." He blushed and giggled.

Boyfriend? I eyed him and then at Sasha. In what kind of twisted world did I fell in? I was starting to believe I would soon form part of it.

The End

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