A walk on the beachMature

After school the next day I decided to take a walk on the beach with my camera, intent on taking some beautiful photos of the people, the sands, pebbles, sea and sky. As I made my way down to the beach from the jetty, I  saw it was only mildly occupied, just the way I liked it. When too many people crowded the beaches it was uncomfortable and lost much of it's attractive views, and when there were no people on the sand and pebbles I lost a great deal of picture oppertunities, although it was more peaceful and allowed me to concentrate on my landscape photographs.

I wandered through the pebbles, feeling their smooth shapes under my feet, and looking around for inspiration. An old couple sat in deck chairs caught my attention, and I caught a few snaps from behind before I turned my attention on the sea. My friend Ollie had invited me out on his glass bottom boat to see the sea, and take photos of the dolphins that he worked with. Ollie is a marine biologist who was made for his job; he was practically a dolphin himself from living most of the time on the the sea, and he could hold his breath for a long time too. I loved going out on the boat with him, and it was incredible to see what things were underneath you as the boat sped along. I stared out at the sun setting in to the water and sighed. I was looking forward to a boat trip with Ollie. It had been so long since I'd been out on the waves, and I almost couldn't wait for the two weeks to be over so that I could feel the sea air in my face again, and see the dolphins doing their tricks.

I grinned, then pulled myself back from my day dream to take more photos. The sun was perfectly positioned so that it was being dunked in to the sea, like a biscuit in to a cup of tea. I snapped up a few shots, making sure to get a couple of the boats in the picture to give some foreground detail. Then I headed to the Jolly Roger cafe for a drink and a bite to eat. The cafe was warm and friendly, with background music and Sam, the manager for four years. When I'd come here for university, Sam was just starting out, and my friends and I were frequent visitors. Sam had always been friendly, and eventually we'd just started hanging out as friends. Over the years he'd bought photos and paintings from me to fill his walls, and now it was the place I went for company, and a good gossip.

"Sasha!! Darling how you doing?" Sam bear hugged me and then sat me on a chair at the bar. "What can I get you this evening?"

"I'll have a lemonade Sam please. You look cheery, what's up?"

"Guess who got a date?"

"You! Oh my god with who?"

"Danny." He giggled childishly.

"Danny? You mean the lifeguard with the rock solid abs?"


"Well good for you. I'm so glad you got him. Which plan worked?"


"You pretended to drown?" His face went red.

"Actually, I almost did drown."


"Yeah, I don't want to talk about it. But he saved me and then he came and asked me out this evening."

"Aww well congrats!"

"What about you honey? Got your eyes on anyone?" I blushed, thinking about Cerice and the way she had made me feel.

"Oh I recognise that blush."

"Shut up. There isn't..." The door opened and I turned to give myself a few moments to come up with a convincing lie for Sam, but the person I saw coming through the door made me blush harder, and I quickly snapped my head back round.


The End

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