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When I entered the rec hall, all the seats were full. I felt my lips spring in to a grin. Thank goodness I wasn't just teaching to about five  people. As cosy as that was, there would never be much diverstiy. I cast my eyes around, people seemed to be in their sixties or seventies mostly, there was one woman who looked like she was in her fourties. Then, as I arrived at the front of the room, a woman at the back caught my eyes. She was the youngest by far, and I guessed this must be Cerice the french girl. She only looked about university age; her blonde hair was short and had red highlights in it, she was thin and her face was fresh.

I was struck by how pretty she was. And now she was looking at me. A slight flush appeared on her cheeks as I smiled, and I looked away. She was probably shy at being the only young one in the room.

"Hi everyone, it's good to see so many people turned up! I'm Sasha, and I'm going to be your teacher."

I chanced another glance at Cerice, who was listening closely to every word I uttered. I felt my cheeks warm a little and looked away, casting my glances over at some of the other students. Cerice really was, quite attractive. I shook myself mentally, and continued with the introductions.

"I want to know a little about what you've done art wise before I start, and whether you'd be interested in some of the ideas I have lined up. Has anyone got a particular preference when doing art?" A few raised hands; landscape, landscape, landscape. Well, things were looking good for the beach class then. "Well that ties in quite nicely. I'm planning to give us a couple of trips down to the beach, where we can set up and paint and sketch to our hearts content. How does that sound?"

A few muttered appraisals.

"Good. If anyone is interested, my friend has suggested that she could come to allow you to do some life drawings, if that would interest you." The class simultaniously shifted in their seats and smiles were scattered round the room. So it wasn't as bad an idea as I thought then.

"Well, tonight I thought we'd start with a bit of a freestyle art session. There are several set ups in the room," I pointed at the bowls of fruit, the pointe shoes on a table and the photos of the beach and the landscapes I had taken during the holiday, "If you could choose something to paint or sketch, I can come round and see what different styles we have here. If you want a photo please take it back to your easel but the other pieceswill have to stay where they are in case more than one person wants to use them." I smiled and let people wander up. Cerice got up from the back fo the classroom; she was taller than me but had a smoothness about the way she walked as though she was perfectly capable of controlling her limbs. She made her way up to the front and I watched from the side as she ran her fingers delicately over the photos.

"Did you take these deary?" asked a old woman, bending over the photos next to Cerice. I moved forward to stand next to the woman.

"Yes I did. These are the ones I took during the holidays."

"They're very good."

"Thank you very much." She smiled and took the sunset over the beach back to her easel. I watched her go, then turned back to the table. Cerice was lookign at me again.

"They are you know. Very good." I blushed again.

"Thanks. I love taking photos."

"It shows." She picked up a photo of a couple walking hand in hand on the edge of the waves. "This one's for me."

"I look forward to seeing the result. You're Cerice right?" She looked startled for a minute, and I quickly carried on before she thought I was a stalker or something. "I only guessed because you were the youngest sounding on the phone."

"Oh, right. Yeah I'm at the uni down the road."

"Studying art?"

"No science." There was a slight sound of contempt in her voice as she said science, as though it were the bane of her life.

"Why are you studying it if you don't like it?"

"My parents control my life." She said it fairly dramatically, and it made me laugh.

"It's your life. But I suppose science can get you places art can't. It's not nearly as much fun though." I grinned at her. She grinned back and took her photo to her easel. Ok, so talking to her wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. When you meet an attractive girl you don't want to be a mumbling idiot the first time you talk to her. Everyone was sat down by now and had started drawing or painting whatever it was they had chosen. I sat at the front and began sketching the pointe shoes, to give the class some time to get going. After about ten minutes I got up and began to wander through the easels, looking at the art going on. A lady at the front was doing the pointe shoes, and she was doing very well. I congratulated her and moved on to the next person. She was also doing well, although her people weren't exactly to shape. It was obvious she was better at landscapes. Her sky was the perfect mix of colours.

When I'd made my way through three rows of people, I arrived at the back, where Cerice was sat on her own. She was concentrating on her easel so hard she didn't notice me standing behind her. Already she had the outline of the couple, and the waves looked almost real on her canvas. I watch in awe as she added colour to the sky, and mingled the oranges, reds and pinks to create the exact sunset on the photo. I was still staring at the photo when she noticed I was there.

"Um, is it ok?" She asked. I started and pulled my eyes away from the painting on to her. Her face looked up at me, the line of her lips broken as she pulled on the corner with her teeth, anxious for my opinion. I took the oppertunity to lean over her shoulder and get closer to the painting. I marvelled at the strokes then looked back at her.

"It's incredible. The art course would be lucky to have you." I smiled as the colour rose in her cheeks.

The End

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