Little bit of lovin'...Mature

Romance.... oooohhhh!!!! :)

Sasha Tillman

The first day back to school is always the best, and the worst. On the plus side, you get to see your friends, discuss your holiday, and have a good laugh. On the bad side, you have another term to get through, all the work you put off comes back, and it means getting up early. The second one shouldn't really apply to me, being a teacher and all, but I guess we all have our faults. And it's not like looking at the art work of pupils is particularly stressful. And choreographing dances for my students is more a hobby than a punishment. So technically, I have nothing much to complain about. Except for the getting up early. That bites.

So this morning I tie up my strawberry blonde hair with a colourful rag and pull on my leggins and loose dress top. Dance was on today as well as my art classes, so it was necessary to have something comfortable. I grabbed my bag and went to the garage to get my car out.

On the way to school I could already see students on their way, all looking tanned and slightly grumpy. I grinned as I reflected on the fact that hardly anyone was grumpy in the classes I taught, so there was another highlight.

As I pulled in to the school car park I realised that this was my second year teaching here. Unbelieveable. And I loved every day.

The End

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