Painful StepsMature

I stalked through the camp. Something was annoying me and I couldn't figure what it was. I felt an intense discomfort and always being one to trust my gut, I was trying to locate the reason for my anxiety.

Suddenly Savana appeared at my side scowling. "I don't like him, I really don't like him at all." she murmured and I nodded slowly. "I know, I apologise for before, I wasn't thinking straight. I have a very strange feeling and I think it may be him. He appeared out of nowhere, and after such devastation. It bothers me now."

She opened her mouth to say something but a sudden cry made us both spin around and run towards the Princess.

"Irene?" Savana stumbled around the corner after me and slammed into my back as I stopped in shock. "Oh my god." she raised both hands to her face and stared in surprise as the Princess stood and looked at us both.

"It hurts." Irene whimpered. "But I can stand!" she wobbled slightly and I ran to her side and offered her my arm to steady herself. "Do you think you can walk?" I asked gently and she stared up at me. "I don't know..." she faltered. "I'll....I'll try."

Slowly she moved one foot in front of the other and took a small step forwards, then another, and finally one more before she collapsed against me and I gently lifted her into my arms and carried her back to the rugs where she had been lying. "Well done." I smiled at her and she beamed back at me before turning to look at Savana. "Oh..." her face fell and I glanced up to see Savana standing there with tears pouring down her face.

"It's ok, she's just happy." I smiled at Irene and before I could say another word Savana had thrown herself on top of the Princess and was hugging her and sobbing happily. "You did it, I saw you, I'm so proud of you! This is great!" she babbled.

Smiling I stood up and made to move away from them to let them talk when a figure caught my eye. He stood in the shadows smirking slightly and I shivered inwardly.

There was something strange about that man.

The End

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