Long Awaited.Mature

"How can you say that? You have just met her. You cannot possibly know if you love her or not."

"I know."

"It is not possible."

"You did not know when you saw that man?" He pointed across to Kevin and I unwillingly turned my back to glance at him. Had I really known? I watched as he talked to his men. Perhaps I had. I turned back to Destrian and frowned.

"I didn't know. Not for sure. But everything between us has proved that what I felt at the start was right..." My defensiveness kicked in "... Besides, it's none of your business. Step away."

"No. I shall stay with her."

"She is weak, she needs to be watched."

"Then I shall watch her."

"It is not up to you."

"Why should it not be?"

I was tired of this arguement. I didn't like this man, and I wasn't having it. I bared my dagger.

"By all means stay here. But not near her. And if you cause the slightest bit of trouble to these good people, I will slit your throat without hesitation. We are in danger, I can sense that. And I am sure it is to do with you."

Something rippled across his face as I spoke, an emotion that I could not place, and something more than an emotion. Something stirred inside him. I watched as his hand went to his sword.

"Do not threaten me. I would cut you down easily. You are nothing."

I met his steely eyes, angry and defiant.

"I am more than you."

"You do not know me."

"Nor you I, and yet you make assumptions."

He chuckled.

"You are foolish. Fiesty. But foolish."

"Our race is foolish. That is hardly something which applies to me directly. I will fight you if you touch her. And I will win, if I have to use every trick I know, dirty or not. Nothing will harm my friend."

"What is going on?" Kevin's voice disturbed our confrontation, but we did not look away. Neither of us trusted the other enough.

"Just a disagreement Kevin. Nothing you should be concerned about." I hissed through my teeth.

"If you have threatened this lady stranger, I will personally beat you and send you on your way."

"I have done nothing but express my wish to know the Princess Irene better."

I scowled.

"I do not want him near her."

"Savana... from what I could see she was happy talking to him. You can't decide what's best for her."

I threw my narrowed eyes upon Kevin.

"I do not trust him."

"That may be. But you must give people a chance."

I scowled and stalked off to sit next to Irene.

"What was that about?" She asked.

"A disagreement. I do not like this man."

"He is quite pleasant. I enjoy his company."

I looked at her aghast, then stood again.

"Very well. If it pleases you I suppose I must let him speak to you."

I grabbed some bread and stalked off, to be alone with my thoughts.

The End

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