The girl strode over, the fighter, and Destrian looked up from the princess, Irene. They'd been talking about the forest, and the new sights, Destrian complained about the discomfort of being alone in a strange place and Irene listened, but seemed to have little opinion on being alone herself. The fighter's name was Savanna, and had always been with Irene. Now she approached and dragged Destrian away from the princess with barely an apology.

"You need to leave." She hissed. Destrian looked around at the fire. "You are a danger to her, and the rest of the camp."

Destrian struggled, but the magic words had been said. Jaden closed his eyes, insulted.

"Thats not all of what I am." He said quietly.

Savanna blinked, a look of surprise flashing across her face for an instant, before the anger was back.

"I want you away from Irene," She pulled a knife out from below her skirt. "She is weak, and doesnt need any more struggles in her life than what she has already."

"And what will you do." Jaden argued, fierce for the first time in his life. "I can see you have feelings for that man over there." He pointed towards the leader of the camp. "What if she needs someone and you are not there? I could protect her."

You cannot! Destrian protested in the back of his head. You dont know how to fight!  Jaden did his best to keep himself under control.

"I want to help, I--I love her." He said before realizing what was coming out of his mouth.

The End

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