Fire In His EyesMature

Mia, the little girl, had left me. Actually, I was certain that everyone had forgotten about me, lying in the dirt, alone.

Tears had streaked the ash and dirt down my face. Everywhere I looked I saw death and destruction. I wanted to die.

All I could think of was Savana and Kevin, off traipsing about in a lovesick daze. It made me want to throw up the meager contents of my stomach.

A few stopped and asked me if I was alright, but I would shoo them away. I just wanted to be left in peace.

I rolled over as best I could, my legs tangling together in the process. I cried out in pain, my fingers scrabbling to set them right. I finally managed to do so.

I noticed my dress had been torn and the lace and ribbon was all but gone. The red coloring had been muddied brown by ash and filth, patches burnt black from the flames.

The clearing suddenly grew silent. I craned my neck to see what had made everyone so still.

A man had entered the clearing. He had a sense of authority about him, surveying the destroyed camp as though it were his property.

He wore dark green and black, his hair the color of ink, stark against his paper white face. And his eyes were like coals which burned with the fire of rage.

I swallowed nervously, hugging my arms around myself, shivering from fear.

He caught sight of me, a smile playing on his lips. It was not a happy smile.

I was helpless as he walked towards me, the ash upon the ground billowing up in grey clouds.

I had wanted to die. I should have been careful about what I had wished for.

The End

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