Forest SmokeMature

"I'm beginning to hate forests." Destrian complained.

Why dont you let me take over?

"What? And have us get distracted at every little thing, and defenseless? You wouldnt have a chance." Still the offer was tempting. The forest was getting on Destrian's nerves. The constant noises, the branches in his back at night. The first night of sleeping rough had been the worst, but it was still hard to get used to. He'd followed the path for several days now, and it seemed to be leading nowhere, until:

"Oh look, a change of scenery." Destrian commented.

It wasnt a pleasant change though. Everywhere around here the trees were burnt, or scorched. This part of the forest had been destroyed, and there was no noise anywhere except the sound of the prince's footsteps in the ash. The air was clear, as if from a recent rain, but the scent of smoke still clung to the area. The smell of fresh pine and smoke. The sun was setting now. He could see it, its bright colorsflooding the sky in purples, oranges and blues.  The ash would make a soft bed tonight. Destrian lay his cloak down and laid on it. He was tired of forests, tired of sleeping rough, tired of hunting or eating the dry food preserved in his bag. He took a bite of some dried meat as the night drew closer and colder. Then, as luck would have it, there was a light through the trees around the rim of the burnt area. Red and orange. A fire. Destrian stood quickly grabbed his cloak and pack and started towards the flames. Perhaps it was a camp that had food and company. He needed other company besides Jaden for once in his life.

The End

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