Him, and only himMature

His arm tightened around me, his hand treasuring my hair, his lips worshipping mine. I reached up and tangled my fingers in his hair, feeling the passion exploding in me; heat coursing through my body and setting my heart alight. He had equal passion; we wrestled with each others physical bodies, pulling each other tighter, closer. Then, after too short a time, we broke apart for air. I gasped, feeling my soft red lips and the rawness that followed such passion, while he simply stared and panted. We were too far away, I felt, and instantly I clutched at the front of his jacket to pull him close again. His arms wrapped around my waist and we kissed again, the same fire renewed, as though our lips had not yet tasted enough of the other.

As the firey sun disappeared behind the horizon, I released him once more.

"I told you..." Here I gasped for breath, "It was alright to be selfish sometimes."

"And I am glad of it." He said, his hand still entwined in my hair. I touched his hand and buried my cheek in it, before taking it away and releasing it so that it fell to his side.

"We must go back like nothing has happened. I do not want your men thinking I have bewitched you. They are only accepting me because I brought back the children."

"No one will challenge you at my side." He whispered.

"They may challenge you, and you are a great leader. I will not have you experiencing trouble because of me. Let me gain their trust and respect first, before we make this known."

"So I am to leave you free where any man might try to court you?"

"You are not just any man. I will die before I let another man kiss me as you have." I reached up and stroked his face. "But do not dare to tell anyone of this. I do not want anyone to think I am not independent and strong. They will expect me to work with the other women if they think I am in danger of becoming your woman."

"And are you? Becoming my woman?"

"I was from the second I laid eyes on you." I whispered in reply before taking his lips against mine once more. Then I slipped past him provocatively and ran back to the narrow passage way. When I emerged, I went over to Irene, who was playing with Kyla and Oti.

"Where did you go?" She asked. The meat was being served on the fire as I sat with her and Oti came to sit on my lap. "And why are your cheeks flushed?"

"I have been enjoying my freedom and watching the sun set." I stated. I was not going to tell her that Kevin and I had kissed. She had been brought up to think it was improper to kiss anyone but your relatives and your betrothed. Oti began complaining that he wanted food, so I took him and Kayla to fetch some. As the children munched on their venison, I poured some stew in to bowls for Irene and I. Kevin appeared in the circle around the fire and I caught his eye. He smiled secretively at me and I blushed a little.

I felt weak with my emotions for him, something which I cherished but hated. I had not felt weak since I was a child, and this man had the ability to transform me in to a normal woman with one look. But I relished that. He was my passion now.

He was the flame inside me.

The End

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