Savana and Kevin danced.

They didn't see me.

They didn't see what the dancing and twirling had done. Pain stabbed at my temples. I doubled over into a fetal position on the floor.

My fingernails, still painted red, dug into the soil beneath me. I

 tried to cry out in agony but I tasted blood in my throat. Coughing, I exuded a spray of crimson from my lungs.

It was happening all over again, only this time there weren't any medicines to make the pain go away. Instead, I felt every second of it, my disfigured legs twitching as the muscles spasmed.

The pain blurred my vision. In desperation, I coughed the last of the blood from my mouth and let out a scream which filled the clearing. The music was silenced and the crowd settled into an unearthly quiet.

Savana rushed to my aid, holding my head between her hands.

"Irene...." She murmured as a trickle of blood spilled from my lips.

"This is why I never leave the castle," I spluttered, my chest heaving from the effort to speak.

Everything became a whirlwind of pain, blood and tears. I felt nothing but the pain and the hot salty drops rolling down the sides of my nose. The only thing I heard was the crackle of the campfire. Soon, that too died away.


The End

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