Kevin was a strange name, I had to admit, but since he was now helping me to take the Princess from the castle, I couldn't complain.

We made our way through the dark corridors, Kevin pushing the basket and me keeping watch. We had a tricky moment when a guard came down the corridor, but he didn't pay any attention to us, because he just saw two servants who were beneath him. We made our way out of the servants quarters and in to the fresh air of the night.

"There, I have re-paid my debt." Kevin said. His men were loading the bags of food in to the carriage, and had just reached the last few bags.

"I thank you." I said, helping the Princess out of the basket and in to my arms. "I only wish I could do more for those in need."

"Well, we always need new people in the resistance." He mentioned, as though he had been planning on mentioning it for a while. "You could come with us."

The Princess looked shocked.

"Savana would never leave me."

I bit my lip and glanced at Kevin's face. I would leave her in a flash for this man. He was just like me. Seemingly ruthless, but he actually cared. I could tell.

"Your highness could of course come." I suggested. She glanced at me.

"You are not serious? How would I live in the forest?"

Kevin added his own opinion.

"We don't need the entire kingdom coming after us because we have kidnapped the princess!" He looked slightly down-hearted though.

"Sir, we must go!" One of his men said, climbing on to the carriage.

I sat the princess down on one of the benches.

"Will you come back and visit?" I asked Kevin.

"I am not sure how possible that would be." He said, glancing at the battlements.

I looked back at the princess.

"If it wasn't for her, I'd join the resistance."

The End

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