King of ThievesMature

My chamber doors flew open, Savana striding in, all high and mighty as usual. Or perhaps a little more than usual...

"What have you done this time?" I groaned, recognizing the sly look on her face she got whenever she did something devious. The last occasion was when she had sliced the cook's cat's tail off and thrown it in the soup pot for the rest of us to 'enjoy'.

A dashing young man entered my room behind her. He had dark blonde hair and bright blue eyes which darted around, taking in the astonishing color of my room, no doubt.

His gaze alighted upon me at last, a lopsided smile filled with pity causing my stomach to churn. I detested those that felt badly for me.

"My lady," He strode to my bedside, taking my hand in his own and planting his lips upon my knuckles. His fingers were rough and calloused, dirt beneath his nails. I turned my nose up in disgust, pulling my hand away.

"And who is this ruffian, Savana?" I cocked an eyebrow in my friend's direction.

Completely full of herself, she stuffed her hands in her apron pockets, "This is Kevin, King of the Forest Thieves," Savana announced proudly.

Kevin? What sort of name was Kevin? I had heard of the so-called King of Thieves but no one had bothered to mention his name was Kevin.

Stifling my laughter, I nodded in his direction, "Irene. Pleased to meet your acquaintance,"

Kevin bowed low, removing his peaked cap, the yellow feather unfurling to the ground.

"I am equally pleased to be in the company of such a fine lady," He replied, planting his hat back on his straw colored hair.

I noticed the laundry cart was out in the hall, just outside my open chamber doors.

"Ready for your heroic escape, my dear?" Kevin winked mischievously before I had a chance to reply, moving to the cart. He wheeled it across the floor to my bedside.

"Gen-" He dumped me inside the cart. I folded in half, my legs sticking painfully up in the air, my knees in front of my nose, "-tly," I moaned.

A large amount of clothing was dumped on top of me. Stifled and squished, my legs now bent at the strangest, but somehow possible, angles, I was wheeled away to what I hoped would be a successful escape.




The End

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