Destrian sat and watched the sunset, fingering the blade of his knife. It was sharp and made of fine sharp steel. The hilt was removable, as the jewels were flashy, Destrian preferred leather to linen, but it was Prince Jaden who preferred the pampered life. He didnt know how to do anything useful. Destrian had been in control since this morning, just the way he liked it.

When it was full dark Destrian left his room dressed in the clothes of a theif, dark greys, blues, and blacks. Stepping silently, he opened the door to his chambers and into the hallway.

The castle was a different place at night, instead of the bright cheerful place it was during the day, the sun streaming in through the windows, red carpet on the floor, servants and courtiers clogging up the hallways with their brightly colored clothing and gossip of the prince, whom one never knew was good or bad, the castle was filled with silver moonlight. The carpet turned black and the halls were empty, silent. Destrian loved the castle at night, he would wander around for hours when he was in control. But tonight, he had a mission. He was getting out of here. He knocked on the king and queens chamber door.

"Who is it?"

"Its me, Jaden." Destrian forced a warm smile on his face as he entered the room. It didnt reach his eyes, which remained hard and black.

"Ah, son, what brings you here so late?"Asked the king, a glass of wine in his hand.

"I just, wanted to see you." Destrian said calmly, pulling the knife out of his belt. The queen screamed and he turned it on her.

"Watch yourself, mother." Destrian said. "You dont want to get hurt. You know I'm good with a knife." The scream faded into a whimper, but the damage was done. The guards were already tramping up the stairs. Destrian could hear their heavy boots. He smiled. He was getting out.

The End

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