Life Isn't FairMature

Fate had a curious way of working. 

In this no-man's-land between fairytales and broken dreams, there was a certain balance that had to be upheld.  One could not simply wave a wand and say some magic words and live 'happily ever after'.  Life didn't work that way.  Eventually, one must fall from the high they've been riding to crash land on reality. 

I existed here for that very reason. 

My name is Melvina.  Usually I am unfairly labled:  the bad guy, a Wicked Witch, cruel, hateful, etc.  This is what comes from those who never try to understand. 

I don't see it that way.  I help keep the balance.  When pretty girls in fabulous gowns are flying high, here, it's necessary to break them; to show them that life isn't fair, that you have to work to fly that high.  No naptimes, no losing shoes.  No.  Here, we work to achieve our dreams.  We work for our happily ever after.

My head snapped up from gazing into this crystal ball.  I scolded myself.  I'd been maundering on when there was work to be done.

"Grasvel!" I called.

Immediately, an older man appeared on the threshold.  "You summonded me, milday?"

"It's been too quite of late, what have your spies reported?  Anything of news, hm?"

"Nothing," he answered.  "There has been some slight activity down near the Southern border..."

I thought.  "That's where that cripple of princess lives, isn't it?"

Grasvel nodded. 

I smiled.  "Thank you.  Now go."

Without another word, he spun on his heel and left.  I turned my gaze to the clear ball that sat on the center of the small table.  At once, an image began to form.  A slave girl talking to the princess.  Her mischeivious smile and the hopeful glint in Her Majesty's eyes told me that they were planning something. 

This is what I like about what I do.  They think me completely ignorant.  They do not know that I see all, hear all.  I work silently behind the scenes, crushing dreams as mine were once shattered.  Let them think what they want.  Let them wallow in the ignorance and their pride.  Let them see only what they want to see.  For they are nothing but puppets, and I hold the strings.

And now, the Puppet Master was about to make her debut.


The End

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