Childish BehaviorMature

Savana's grip on my hand was rather tight. I wanted to tell her she might crush my fragile fingers, but it felt good to feel the pain. It told me I was still alive, here in the waking world.

"I won't allow you to carry me. If you do, I swear to the Goddesses, I will scream bloody murder,"

She let go of my hand quickly, revealing the pressure on my paper white flesh. I checked for any damage, relieved that she had only bruised it and hadn't broken any bones. Not that it would matter, I barely lifted a finger for anything with my mother in charge of my meager life.

"I won't carry you," She grinned, "I'll put you in the laundry cart and bury you in clothes, then I'll wheel you down the hall and outside to your freedom!" Savana crowed triumphantly.

I frowned, "That doesn't sound very comfortable," I had an image in my mind of my poor weakened body folded like paper in the bottom of the rolling cart used for the dirty clothes.

She tossed this notion aside, "Oh poo. It'll be wonderful, like being inside a big white fluffy cloud,"

I was getting tired of the childish attitude she had suddenly adopted, "Be serious Savana,"

She stuck out her bottom lip, pouting, "Well that's no fun. Fun is killing and blood and gore and big white fluffy clouds!" She threw her hands up in the air, twirling around, her brown skirt fanning out.

I had to admit, the sight of this caused the corners of my mouth to turn upwards, "Fine, but if I break my bones, I'm blaming you," I gazed at her, both of us silent for a moment. It would be a very serious thing if I told someone that she had shoved me into a laundry cart. Not only would it cost Savana's job, but most likely her own life.

We burst into laughter, my body shivering from the horrendous noise that spilled from my mouth. I gasped in a deep breath, finishing my laughter at last, my arms and legs trembling.

"I'll fetch the laundry cart!" Savana announced, running out the door.

I didn't know she had meant right then and there.


The End

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