The Prince(s)Mature

There was a knock at the door. "Sire?" Said a voice.

"Come in." The prince said, looking out the window, he heard the tentative footsteps of the servant as the man stepped through the doorway, then the thud as the door closed again. He still didnt turn.

"Sire, I've brought you your breakfast." The servant said. Now the prince heard the jangle of china, fingering the jeweled hilt of the knife in his hand, the prince still didnt turn.

"Thank you, Bentley. Set it on the desk." He said calmly.

There was the clang of metal on wood, then quick soft footsteps as the servant rushed towards the door. Now turning quickly the prince threw the knife at the door, striking just where Bentley's had had been less than a second before. Pulling the sharp weapon from the wood, the prince smiled, frowned, then walked over the the mirror over the dresser.

"You shouldn't do that Destrian." The princes reflection said. The scowl he made was also reflected.

"I dont want your advice--"

"But you'll get it anyway. You shouldnt terrorize the servants, or they'll stop bringing you breakfast."

"But its so much fun," Destrian laughed, then became serious again. "Besides, I dont kill anyone, I hit only what I aim at. There is no danger."

The reflection was stony-faced, its eyes a cold blue. "Forget it." The prince finished, walking away from the mirror.

"You cant get rid of me." Said a voice in the back of his head. "I'm the real prince and you know it."

"No!" the prince nearly yelled. "I am! The fairy cursed me, and you walked into my life. Into my head!" He sank to his knees in the middle of the floor.

"Fairy magic is permanent." said the voice. "I'm never going away, and I'm gonna meet our true love first, if what you say is true."

"And she will hate you."

"I am perfectly charming. I've gotten the attention of many girls around the palace, whats one more?"

"The one more is my true love, not yours, mine!"

"Who are you, prince?"

No reply.

"We're getting out of here. The servants are frightened, the king and queen dont trust us. We're leaving the palace tonight. We are a danger to the kingdom."

"There's nothing I can do or say to change that."

"Liar! You will put a knife in our parents' backs sooner or later."

"Thats not a bad idea."

"Dont do it!" The prince ignored the voice, fingering the hilt of the jeweled knife again. What would it be like, to drive it through velvet and into bone? The dead couldnt lift the curse. Nor could servants or wizards or sorcerers or witches. There was no cure, there would always be two princes. One good, one evil.

The End

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