Literary DreamMature

Adventures, romance, magic, and comedy. Everything you could wish for in a story :D

Once upon a time, because that's how all good fairytales start, there was a little kingdom called Savinia, where the stuff children dream about actually happens. But we're not looking there. We're looking a little to the left, about 3oo miles or so, because there, that is where our story begins. This kingdom is made up of all the things teenagers think and dream about. All the real life things, and the verging on fairytale lives they dream out for themselves.

This kingdom is made up of all the dreams that have been cracked by reality, but not yet shattered. And here is where we see our story unfold. A princess with a disability, a prince with a curse, and their friends and enemies who appear throughout their lives. What adventures will they have? What magic awaits? And more importantly, what will they discover in the world of a teenagers dream?

The End

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