LiquidDiamondTears: Carry Me Gently

I should have come with a warning label.  'FRAGILE:  HANDLE WITH CARE'

No one cared.  I was worthless, a damned soul.  No prince was going to save this damsel in distress.  Me, the worthless, damned damsel in distress.

I was practically dead, so worn down and broken.  My life was shattered, like the fragments of a mirror.  It was a puzzle, nothing made sense.  I was Humpty Dumpty; nobody could piece me together again.  

Except, someone did.

You Lord, O God, Lover of my soul.  You found me; as dirty and weak and ugly as I was, and you took me in.  You carried the broken pieces of me.  You carried me gently into Your light.  

And I've never been the same. 

The End

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