Hurts Like Heaven - KrisseyCrystal

My knees smack against the floor;
With trepidation, I cross the shore
I make a grab for my chest.
And once I breach the crest--
Oh, how it hurts!
--This pain--my girth!
I can't breathe, I can't think--
Under such pressure, how I shrink!
--Unworthy, unworthy, I lack so much!
A soul, a purpose--Lord, I need to be touched!
This realization, this cold terror,
How I'm lost without a Savior--
How far from Grace I've fallen,
Give me love--I have none!
This pain of Separation
This--this hurts like heaven
And drowning under the guilt,
Scrambling, scratching, my lungs begin to melt--
--once You come, I finally find relief.
Because I've found myself back at Your feet. 

The End

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