Just This Once - RosalynLivna

Just this once I'll set aside my feelings. I'll give a little and take none. I'll be perfect. That will backfire on me. My heart is set on fire.

Just this once I'll be like them. I'll take a little less and make myself prettier. My stomach is an abyss, never satisfied.

Just this once I'll ease the pain. Just a little, to help me cope. That will really backfire on me. The pain will never stop, nothing will help.

Just this once and it'll all be over. Just a little act and it'll all stop. There will be no backfiring. My chaotic world will come to a halt. 

Just this once, I'll be free to be me. I'll wake up and greet the morning with a smile. Every day is a battle, every battle won is a victory for me.

Every victory means the war is closer to ending. 

The End

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