RosalynLivna: Red-Letter Day

Holding back the words in her throat, she swallowed them and smiled. Nobody wanted to hear her rant on Valentines Day, though she was the only person without a date. She slammed her locker, and started to run towards the door, desperate to escape this love crazy high school. As she approached the door, a hand grabbed her arm and she spun around. 

It was him. The cutest guy in the entire school. Standing. Right. There. She took a breathe and fixed her hair quickly. He looked at her, clearly amused, and said cordially "Michelle, I notice you don't have a date. Well, I would like to fix that, would you be my date for Valentines Day?" He smiled childishly.  

She smiled, and exclaimed a squeaky yes. He took her hand, looked into her eyes, and kissed her. Her first kiss. She'd dreamed of this. Yet, it didn't feel right.

The End

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