Quiet Lullabies -- anyone!

Singing softly to quiet my baby.

I turn on a little recorder, that sings her quiet lullabies.

She falls asleep and I lay her in bed. She looks so peaceful and serene. The only peaceful thing in this world.

I mentally prepare myself to leave her room. I know what is coming for me. Her room is the only room that is beautiful, kept up. The rest of the house is in shambles. I hear a door slam, and cringe. I wonder if he'll hit me again, the bruises have yet to heal. 

I leave her peaceful room and I'm hit by the stench of alcohol. He whirls around, his face red and angry. He has no reason to hurt me, but he does.

The last thing I hear as I fade away are the quiet lullabies reminding me of her. I will get away with her for her sake.

The End

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