Fly Away from Here - Anyone!

I brace myself.  The wind pushes and shoves; pulling and tugging my hair across my face.  It's almost like a whisper, encouraging me.

I stare out in front of me.  The endless blue spreads out before me, beckoning to me.  Calling me home like the way a light house leads lost boats ashore.

I close my eyes. I begin to run


The sound of my feet hitting the cliff match my racing heart.  With great strength, I leap off the edge.

My wings snap open.  The air rushes up to greet them, eagerly my wings respond.  Slowly, they move up and down, up and down, up and down.  The motion is familiar to me.  

I open my eyes.  There is a shadow that flies consistently beneath me, matching my wing strokes.  

Like I'm some kind of glorious bird.  

But really, I am only free.

The End

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