I Heard Them Whispering - RosalynLivna

The wind rustled through the trees, silently looking for me. 

It was utterly quiet.

The cold chilling wind traveled up my back.

They are coming for me, I thought.

I had to keep silent.

My bare hand slid across my mouth, hoping I would keep myself from gasping.

I heard them before I saw them.

Something like a whisper traveled across the land, a hush.

I heard them whispering about finding her

My heart leapt into my throat.

They were talking about me.

The soft crunching of boots against snow, much like playing hide-and-seek.

I saw them.

They wore dark, black cloaks, to conceal their faces. 

Like the grim reaper

The bare wasteland of snow against their black cloaks looked evil.

Something innocent had been tainted with vile deeds.

It was nothing new to me, I had faced evil before.

But something about this evil sent chills up my spine.

The End

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