Lily Oliver

For Lily Oliver, her life couldn't get any more complicated. Firstly, she didn't study for her calculus exam, but more importantly she is completely torn between perfect prince Louis and mysterious Alex who share a dark past between them. Which is better, her long time love for Louis, or the way Alex makes her heart beat faster?

Louis- Familiar Face

New year, new start, new day. 

Walking into the classroom, I saw heads turn as I made my way through the door. People stopped talking. Some started whispering. Girls looked up then back down, giggling to their best friends. Scanning the room, I found the face that I had missed all summer. Lily.  Walking over with a grin fixed firmly on my face, I found her in her usual seat, quietly reading one of the thickest books I'd ever seen.

'Lily! Heyy.' I said. Without warning, she dropped her book and gave me a hug. Startled as I was, I hugged her back.

'Hi Louis. I missed you so much, how was football training? Sorry for the hug, just felt like it.' She blushed.

'It was great, worth my whole summer.' I replied. Loosening the hug, I sat down in the seat in front of her, the place I'd sat since the start of high school when I first met Lily. 

'I'm so glad!' she said, sitting down herself. 'So, have you heard the news? Two transfer students are moving into our form. A girl and a boy.'

'Awesome, I wonder who they are.'

Just as I those very words, someone I vaguely recognized strutted into the room. 

~Sorry, unfinished.~

The End

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