*doorbell rings, a guys voice comes from behind*Mature

*Allisa drops her items in the hall, spinning around on the spot* I wonder why they came to our small house, and we never came here... hmmm....

*front door* knock-knock

*Allisa, whispering* Ohmigod, talking door. No wonder they died youngish!

*doorbell rings, a guy's voice comes from behind* Hello? Anyone in?

*Allisa circling up on the ground in fetal position, whimpering* It's one of those guys that knocks on door to check if anyone's in or awake, so they can rob and rape them! *Allisa combusts in to screams* Ohmigod!

*Guy behind the door, bangs harder* Ma'am, are you alright? Ma'am?!

*Allisa cries out* Please don't rape me!

*Guy behind door gets wrong hand of stick* Oh my lord, is someone in there with you? Ma'am! Open up! Do you want me to open it for you?

*Allisa calming* No thank you, it's alright, I thought you were a mad man....

The End

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