Lights, camera, ROLEPLAY!Mature

hey people! My name is Allisa (in roleplay) I am an aspiring actress.. and I know I can do great things since I moved to hollywood! only problem is... I have no one with me... so I need some help. Will you rise to the challenge? Or will you give up and go home?

*Taxi pulls up to a big house*

*Taxi driver* Here you are miss... That will be 20 bucks.

*Allisa* Thanks! *hands the man the money and gets out, pulling her backpack on and opening the trunk to get her stuff out*

*taxi driver gets out* Need a hand?

*Allisa* No thanks! *pulls out the last of her things* Well thats all.. Thanks for driving me again!

*Taxi driver* No problem miss *Taxi driver gets into vehicle again and dives off leaving Allisa staring at her new home*

*Allisa* wooow! It's sooo huge! I can't believe my grand parents left this to me! *Picking up her things Allisa Heads inside.*

*Allisa* Well What should I do First...

The End

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