Citrine: Time

Wow. I thought thus was going to be really hard. I thought I'd have to teach her absolutely everything. As it turns out, she knows most of it already. I'm so relieved, I wonder if it shows on my face.

"Well Sapphire" I say "The first thing I learnt is that time can't be changed. People travel in time. They're not moving time, time doesn't change. If time changed, we'd notice."


"So, say if someone decided to travel back to the beginning of the day. If they were moving time, we'd all move backwards and do stuff backwards until we got to the time that the person time travelling wanted to go. However, this does not happen. It is the person their self that is travelling through time."

"Yes. OK." she looks really interested. I wish I'd been this enthusiastic about learning this.

"Right. There is actually an absolute load more. So why don't we go into this room here and we'll start with the main stuff first" I say. She nods and smiles as I push the door open.

The End

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