Sapphire: Taught a lot already

I turn back to Citrine. I have a good feeling about her and I think we'll be good friends.

"So, what have I got to learn?" I ask.

"What do you know already?" She asks.

"I know that at the moment all the ripples are gathered at this gate here in the place. Even though they can be sent out anywhere" I say putting a hand against the golden frame in the court yard.

Citrine is nodding approvingly.

"I know how to use slight ripples to travel small distances" I say.

She raises an eyebrow. "Show me" She says.

I wait until she blinks then use a short ranged ripple to appear behind her.

She turns and smiles. "That makes my job a whole lot easier, you know" she says smiling. I smile back.

"I know. My father forced all this stuff on me the day I was named a future Guardian" I sigh.

"What else?"

"History, Science, Mathmatic Equations and a heck of a lot more" I sigh and begin to massarge my head which hurts.

"Wow, you got it worse then me" She says smiling.

"I know..... Can we learn the basis of time!" I say excited. "My father said I needed to learn that from the Guardian..... Not that he never let me go anywhere to come find you until I was requested"

She stares at me shocked and then smiles. "Glad to have someone dedicated" she says. "Lets get learning"

The End

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