I sighed. Why me? I had to dress in the most uncomfortable clothes, do up my hair just right, and abandon all other plans, just to go meet a friend.

I looked in a mirror that hung on the wall of the corridor. Lately I had been stuck with people taking care of me. Making some sort of fuss over me, insisting that I stay in one place.

They had also kept me from cutting my hair. Shoulder-length now, but as soon as I could get my hands on a pair of scissors.... My eyes were dark red, but barely noticeable, as they were almost black.

I pulled at the neckline of my tight, starched collar, and looked with distaste at my formal dress. Finally I made a slight tear in the back of the collar, and proceeded to rip it off. Finally I could breathe.

As I walked along, I also started loosening the binds around me that held me in a tight embrace. I searched around, looking for my friend. The halls were long, twisting, and confusing, but I had gotten to know them over the years.

I heard some voices, and angled towards them. I found two people, at the gate. "Sapphire! Citrine!" I said happily. I had found not just one friend, but two! They turned to me, and them towards each other.

"You know her?" they said, at the same time.

"Everyone knows Scarlett!" I said. "Sorry to interrupt, though. I was- uh- going to meet someone else."

"You're a bad lier, Scarlett. That or I've just known you for too long." Citrine laughed.

"Either way, I'm gonna go." I said, waving. Before they could protest, I scampered down towards the hall, but I hadn't gotten ten steps when I tripped over the hem of my long skirt, falling on my face.

"Are you alright?" someone asked me. A hand grabbed my arm, pulling me upright. I scrambled to keep my footing for a few moments, but finally stood up. "Hello!" she said.

"How come you're always around when I fall on my face?" I laughed, hugging her. "Good to see you, friend."

The End

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