The first colour to arrive is blue.I kow her name is Sapphire, I've had it drummed into my head enough times. She's the next guardian of the gate, the guardian apprentice.

"Good afternoon, Sapphire," says both me and Ivory at the same time. We do that a lot, people find it unnerving.

"Good afternoon, Princess," she replies, speaking to both of us at once.

"So you are the guardian apprentice then?" says Ivory. Shock flickers across her face, replaced almost instantly by confusion.

"I thought I was the next guardian?" she says. We both smile at her.

"Yes, you are," I say. "But you are the apprentice as our current guardian is still alive. You will take over if she dies. She will train you and show you how to work the gate.You will be able to work the gate to an extent- that is, you will be able to open or close it and set where it is around the city."

"But you won't be able to use it to travel through dimensions or time until the current guardian dies," continues Ivory. "You won't be able to pierce time either. Only full guardians can do that, and then only in an emergency."

Sapphire looks shocked, and a little annoyed at this. 

"I didn't know I was going to be an apprentice. I thought I would just, like, help," she says.

Citrine walks in. I turn to her.

"Ah, Citrine. This is Sapphire, your new apprentice," I say.

The End

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