"Ouch" I say rubbing my head then my ankle..... Which was Now Bleeding!

Great so now I'm late and wounded. What a great way to start the day Saph.

I sigh and get to my feet wincing.

Great and here I'm ment to be the next Guardian of the gate.

It's a gate that travels to other dimensions. It's not physical but I still opperate the transfers.

Not that hardly anyone uses them. I mean come on, the things are practically the hardest thing to summon unless you have a key.

Not a physical key. A sort of mental key thing. Uh, it's complicated it involves a lot of science. I'm not sure even I get it and it's been forced onto me for the whole 16 years of my life.

I mean seriously come on. Not all of this can be certainly proven some of it must be sort of fantasy.

Which is what I love about what I'm going to inheirate.

To control all those doors to my will. Not only ones to other dimensions but all around Our world to. I mean its amazing!!

I tie back my black hair which is actually dark dark blue. Then my eyes are light blue in the centre fading out darker to the edges of the irises.

I'm adverage height for my age. I'm strong and fast but it doesn't show on my thin, delicately structured body.

I sigh and remember to get that scratch healed. I can't be bothered to do it right now.

I'm late for a very important meeting and I'm the future Guardian. Not a good way to finally introduce my self to the ruler of this land.

The End

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