Adder was gone. Jester had found his note first, as always, the first one up. He knew Calla would be devastated to find out. He didnt want to say anything. Ana hadn't returned last night either, though Jester had waited up for her. She may not come back. So holding the note, Jester made his way up the stairs to Demrins room, where he knocked politely, and waited for an answer. Demrin opened the door just a crack, so Jester assumed Calla was in there as well, and still deep asleep. Wordlessly Jester handed the note to the Warlock.

"Ana's gone too." He said. "I think I'm going." Demrin looked up from the note in surprise.

"Why?" the warlock asked.

"Ana's gone. I think she's with--Lukah." The name hurt. "So I'm going back to London, I can get there on my own so, dont worry about me."

The warlock didnt say anything, so Jester kept talking. He wouldnt have to chance to talk to another person again for a long time.

"I was going to ask you to take my memories away, the ones of her, but, I want to keep them. They were good." He started to back away. "If Ana comes back, tell her... Tell her I want her to be happy, and if she's happy with him, he can have her. If he's there, tell him to take care of her for me." Demrin closed the door, but before it completely closed, Jester thought he saw sadness in the warlocks eyes. "We're all going now. Separated." Jester whispered to himself, before turning into a bird and flying away.


Jester entered the warehouse just as a ceremony was going on. Scott, eyes colder than ever, chanted something in a strange language, before him lay the five ingredients on a table. A vial of silvery liquid, ghosts blood. Two strange red lumps of tissue, the vampires tongue, and the succubus heart, two small orbs, eyes, from a warlock, and most gruesome of all, the skin of a human girl, about the same age as Ana, completely intact, save for one long slit down the back. Inside its container the Darkness swirled and writhed, as if excited. As Jester watched, horrorstuck, the darkness was released, and it descended on the ingredients, the skin seemed to inflate, and the other ingredients took their places inside of it, then the slit stitched itself up, the darkness still filling the skin, until, with a massive gasp, the girl seemed to come to life. She leaned against the table, weak at first, but rapidly gaining strength. Scott took off his robe and draped it around her. She smiled, a cold, cruel smile.

"Oh, it is so good to have a body again." She said. He voice was musical, she was very pretty, but her eyes, ice blue, sparking with magic, reminded Jester of who she was. The Evil. She walked towards Jester, stroking his face with a manicured nail. "Oh, he's cute, may I have him as a pet?" Jester shuddered under her touch.

"The shapeshifter is a tracker, miss." Scott said. "He will do your bidding without question."

"Good." The girl said. "Get a collar on him, and then, let us go to my palace." Scott seemed to grumble.

"But of course, I've been keeping it ready for your return." He said out loud. Jester knew they were talking about Scott's residence, he'd never been there before, but, it was sure to be opulent. Evil is always greedy. A collar was snapped around his neck, enchanted to always fit, and a length of chain was attached.

"Onward to the palace," The girl said imperiously. "We will put the Plan into action on the next full moon." She turned back to Jester stroking his face again. "Meanwhile, you can help me adjust to my new body." Jester suppressed another shudder.The girl walked forward, holding the end of the chain, Jester followed submissively. "Oh, it is good to be back." The girl said, smiling over her shoulder. It didnt reach her stolen eyes. "Scott, I want something fresh for breakfast, I want to taste blood again."

Jester cringed, she was nothing like Ana. She was Evil.

The End

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