Immortality has an EndMature


“Now you understand?”

“Yes” Adder nodded, his eyes wincing every so often as memories flashed past his eyes. 

“Good”. Demrin turned and left the vampire alone. Adder collapsed back on his bed as he watched over and over how he tortured Calla. Tying her down and forcing himself upon her, trying to show that...what was he trying to prove to her...he couldn't remember. All those things he had done to such a beautiful creature... stabbing her biting her, returning to kill Demrin, Ana, and Jester. A heavy frown covered his lips as he lay there staring at his hands, almost seeing her blood pouring past his lips and covering his hands. 

"Calla...why did I hurt you? What would drive me to such madness?" The vampire began to pace his room, searching and hunting for the idea in his brain. Each time he tried to go near memories of Calla's torture, a burning sensation tore through his mind and over his skin. Adder collapsed to the floor, it was like someone didn't want him going near his own memories.  Perhaps it was the warlocks doing, he didn't know but he felt as though he should go and apologize to her. They had already met...but it seems that they had known each other before their second meeting.Why hadn't she said that they knew each other before? Did she hate him for the torture or was she scared that he would do it again? 

Moving from his bed, Adder opened the door and moved out of his room. The house itself seemed silent as though watching him, judging him and every step her took. While moving through the house, Adder discovered Jester and instantly froze. Memories of him attacking the shapeshifter in his madness had caused Jester obvious pain. Poking a fang on his lip, Adder carefully approached the man, he didn't want to spook him if he made some hasty movements. 

"Jester..." Adder said quietly, his hands resting in his pockets to hide his trepidation. The shapeshifter looked a bit gaunt and pale but he turned and slightly frowned. 

"Yes Adder, what is it?" He seemed tired, like all the hope and brightness had deflated out of him. 

"I wanted to apologize. I know that it probably means nothing to you, but I wanted to say that I was sorry for everything that I did to you." Adder looked away so that he didn't have to feel Jesters gaze piercing gaze. "I don't know if I am the cause of your...pain right now but I only hope that my words are some consolation."

Adder looked up for a split second, seeing a mixture of shock and confusion in the other's eyes. It seemed apologizing was out of character for him but the vampire felt as though he couldn't rid himself of the guilt in his stomach. Demrin showing him all of his madness had created the guilt and it acted like a snake in his stomach uncoiling and writhing around. 

Jester nodded and crossed his arms, as if thinking this was just another trick until he noticed the sincerity and pain that covered Adder's features. The vampire said a quick good bye then hurried off towards where he could smell Calla's scent coming from. Her scent was mixed with a few others, the warlocks, and...Adder stopped before the door. His ears picked up the noises and his nose took in the smell, Adder backed away a bit. Calla and Demrin were lovers locked in passion and it seemed that she cared little for the vampire that tortured her. Maybe it was pity allowed him a place by her side on the piano, she wasn't interested in making friends...just getting even, getting revenge.

Adder backed away and walked back into the house, apparently his apology to her wouldn't matter. Why did he feel like she was betraying him? Why did it hurt to see her with Demrin? They were lovers and he had no right to intervene between them...after all he had tortured her. 

"There is no hope for one of my kind...." he murmured. That's when he was time to invoke the ancient ritual of the Sonne. That meant it was time to go and find a meal, one last taste of humanity before the ritual and its trials. Adder walked out of the house, his eyes lingering on the piano before he moved to the city. Many walked the streets, couples clinging to each others arms and giggling happily.

Why did he envy them so? What was the stabbing pain that he felt in his chest? Adder growled loudly, he hated all the questions that rumbled through his head and clawed at his brain. They were irritating and annoying to say the least, and painful for reasons he had no inkling to. 

Walking along the streets, the vampire noticed a beautiful young girl all by herself. She wore a tight mini skirt, a nice plaid jacket, and spiked high heels. Her long blonde hair ran in rivulets of gold around her shoulders and framed a lovely face. Adder moved beside her and tapped her shoulder, the girl paused and met him with brilliant blue eyes. 

"Can I help you?" She asked in a thick accent. Adder smiled weakly, though his expressions were all fake. 

"Yes ma'am...I was hoping that you'd help me find my friend, she's lost and I'm kinda new to this city." he asked looking scared and hopeless. His eyes were wide and his hands clasped before his chest as if to beg for her help. The woman smiled kindly and nodded, following Adder back into the nearest alleyway. The woman kept calling for the non-existent friend that Adder had lied about, he licked his lips and let a light snarl pass his lips. The woman froze and looked around, her knees shaking. 

"He..hello?" she called out suddenly alone with the vampire. Adder grinned softly, after all it was a bittersweet moment in his eyes. Suddenly appearing behind the woman, Adder locked his hands around her arms and canted her neck to allow him greater access to the vein in her neck. 

"Don't worry dear, it will all be over soon." he murmured and slid his fangs into her neck, popping the vein and spilling red gems into his mouth. He drank deeply, his eyes fluttering happily and a soft moan past his lips. He had forgotten the taste of a slowly dying person in his grasp, their blood pooling in his mouth and running thick down his throat. The woman struggled and sobbed as he eyes grew glassy and her heart stopped thrumming. 

With the girl dead and his hunger sated, Adder left the body in the alley and returned back to the house. The sun was nearing the horizon and it seemed that time was of the essence. It was all leading him the the building end that Adder never thought that he would see. After all, death is not something that bothers an immortal. Each step made the vampire increasingly at peace, like he was going to something that he had always been meant for. 

Adder walked into the house and moved to the piano, a lovely melody flowing through him and over the keys...he didn't know that the song had once been played before he left Calla but to him it was familiar and that was a comfort. No one disturbed him as he played his own little eulogy, like his last little words that would echo through the halls. 

"It's all so damned sad," he chuckled to himself as the song ended and he moved to his room. The windows curtains were always closed so to keep the sunlight out but Adder knew that they would no longer shroud such room in darkness. A pen found it's way into the vampires hand as he wrote Calla a letter. It really didn't do the justice Adder wanted but he knew that it would do. She was probably asleep with Demrin now, re-living the nightmares that he had enacted on her for what he knew was no reason at all. In a brilliantly beautiful old world script the note read...


It seems that a piece of my memory was kept from me by Demrin...he showed me this night, how I tortured you. How I kept you tied down like and animal to act away my fantasies with you for some reason that I don't know. It appears that I was driven into the darkness, deep into a madness that I have never seen in another person, vampire, or other creature. I wanted to apologize to you, but Demrin and you were together and I though it highly rude to interrupt. So here is my apology for all the pain I put you through, stealing you away to that room and making you mine for my cruel reasons. Demrin, I want to apologize to you as well for taking your lover from you. It was awful of me to deny you such a lover as it seems you two are deeply connected. To Jester and Ana, I fear there is nothing I can say to either of you to fix the pain I've put you through...I'm sorry. 

Your eternal Vampire, 

Cyrus "Adder" Kyote 

With that Adder placed the note on his night stands and opened the curtains wide, the sun was staring to make the fringes of the horizon glow with warmth. Adder moved and sat on the bed, murmuring an old German tune that he had sang the night he was turned. His eyes shut and a peaceful expression covered his features...he had been a burden on all of the people in his home, from what he could remember. He sighed and waited for the sun to crest the horizon, all they would find of him was a pile of ash sitting on his bed...there were worse ways to die. 

The End

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