Memories, A Fight, and a Sudden AppearanceMature

Demrin knocked on the door to Adder’s room. He entered once the vampire said “Come in”.

“You wanted to know more about Calla?”

“Yes”, the vampire sat forward from his place on the bed.

“Ok, I will tell you, but you will not like it”. The vampire nodded. “You hurt her, Adder. You learned something of her past, you became jealous and you left her. She was distraught. And as if that weren’t enough, you returned to the dark, kidnapped her, and tortured her. She was better off without you, she was happier”.

“I-I don’t believe you”.

“Then let me show you”. Demrin moved forward, placed one finger on the vampire’s forehead, and muttered one word. Memories flooded into Adder’s mind, but Demrin only showed him the ones that involved him hurting Calla, he kept the memories of their love to himself. He wanted Adder to see how much he had hurt Calla. He withdrew the memories, leaving behind only the feelings and emotions associated with them. Adder could now remember the pain and suffering he had caused Calla.

“Now you understand?”

“Yes” Adder nodded.

“Good”. Demrin turned and left.


Demrin sat in the corner of the pub once again. He stared around. The door swung open, and a large, cloaked figure walked in, his face wreathed in shadows. The man moved straight to where Demrin sat, and took the seat opposite him.

“It’s been too long since we have sat down and had a drink together, Demrin”.

“There is a reason for that, John. You betrayed our friendship when you killed him and turned to the shadows”.

“The offer is still there, Demrin. You should join my cause, I could use you on my side again”.

“You know that will never happen John”.

“That’s a shame”.

Next thing Demrin knew, he was flying through the air. He smashed through the window, and landed in a heap of shattered glass and dust. Scott arrived in front of him, balls of shadow forming in his hands. Demrin rose to his feet, flames streaking from his wrists, barrelling into Scott’s chest. The necromancer was thrown back into the wall of the inn. He rose again, a snarl on his face. He hurled shadows at Demrin, who ducked out of the way. The shadows exploded on contact with a car on the opposite side of the street. Flames engulfed the wreck, and spread from there down the line of cars parked there. A truck passing by caught the end of the explosion, flipped and erupted in flames.

The street was in chaos, people running and screaming, children crying. Demrin rolled to his feet and hurled a gust of wind at Scott, tossing the necromancer into the air. From the elevated position, Scott hurled another ball of shadow at Demrin. It gouged a hole in the ground where the warlock had stood moments before. Demrin glanced up, fired a jet of water at Scott, forcing him further into the air. He then caused the wind to hurl the necromancer into the ground. Scott was driven ten feet under, and Demrin the caused the earth to close over and reseal, burying the necromancer. It would not hold him forever, but it would do for now.

Demrin turned to the flaming cars and the wreck of the truck. He summoned water, and released it in a wave. It splashed down on the flaming cars and quenched the flames. People continued their frantic running, screams echoing down the street. Demrin abandoned his efforts at the sound of fire sirens. He teleported back to the mansion.


It occurred to Demrin that he had not yet explored the attic of the mansion. He went to the second floor and pulled the ladder down. The attic was completely covered in dust, cobwebs spread like veins about the walls, patterning themselves erratically. Boxes lay scattered about, mould growing on them.

Demrin moved about inside the attic, poking around the crevices and all the various objects that had their home there; an old grandfather clock, a typewriter, and much others. He discovered several gauzes which lent a view into the rooms below. Through once such gauze, Adder was visible, pacing his room. Demrin crouched onto his knees, and moved carefully over the beams to the next gauze. Calla lay on her bed, her head on her pillow. Demrin bent close to the gauze, studying the form of his lover. She appeared to be weeping. Demrin heard a crack, and then, the section of the attic he was in collapsed. He fell through into Calla’s room, and lay sprawled where he landed.

Calla sat up on her bed, shocked at the sudden appearance of a person through her roof. “Demrin! Are you alright?” she exclaimed.

“I’m fine”.

“Good”. She lay back down and refused to say another word to him.

The End

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