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"Who are you?" Adder asked rubbing his head, his eyes flicked to his arms and torso. His eyes froze at his bare skin, the mark...Scott's mark....was gone! He felt a wash of anger, confusion, and relief pool in his gut and mix. Why and who had removed his mark...the only thing that connected him to his family?!

"I...but..." A woman started, she seemed terribly shocked. Something flashed behind her violet eyes as Adder watched her. She looked very beautiful, he decided with her long flowing hair and sharp eyes. Something tremored through the vampire, there was some nagging feeling that he couldn't replace. Like Deja Vu or maybe they had met before, he shook his head, he had no memory of the woman though. 

The woman whirled around in the warlock's grasp, she seemed almost violently angry when she hissed at him. "Tell me you didn't." Adder tilted his head, he didn't what? What had the warlock done? Was it something to him or her...maybe where they were? 

"It was for your own safety, Calla," he said calmly to the woman. Her own safety? What would be so dangerous that he would piss her off so terribly? It was apparent that they loved each other or at least had been involved, so what was he missing?

"Oh, fuck off," The woman named Calla shouted, pushing him away and rising to her feet. "Like hell you did this for me." She spat and stormed out of the room, leaving Adder with the warlock, human, and shapeshifter. He squirmed uncomfortably as all their gaze turned back to him, why were they staring. The warlock sighed and stood moving off into the house, he assumed to go after the woman. The human kept staring and Adder winced, finally turning his crimson eyes to her. 

"Umm, what was that about?" he asked a bit of a growl dying away in his voice. She seemed to flinch at his gaze and voice but why he had no idea. It was like there was something that no one wanted to tell him, something that was terribly important or dangerous. Ana swallowed and faked a smile before just shaking her head. 

"That's Calla, she and Demrin are lovers." she whispered, looking as if she was going to say more before leaving the room as well. Lovers? Why did that make him slightly jealous. Adder slouch a bit and starred at his feet, why wouldn't any one talk to him. Why were they terrified of him or at least why did it seem that way? The shapeshifter followed after Ana leaving him all alone in the middle of the room's floor. He ran a hand through his hair and decided to move to a nearby chair where he could rest. Laying down on the cushions, his eyes fell closed. Sleep instantly took him over and tossed him into the realm of dreams. 


Adder remembered the night he was turned. It was a starry night, the fields filled with flowers in his quaint little German town. The girl of his dreams and he were supposed to be going on a romantic trip to the nearby royals house. Granted he was only half royal but that didn't matter. He was dressed decadently, even his father and mother thought that he looked stunning. 

"Make us proud," they had told him. Adder smiled, he had been human then...a kid of just 20 named Cyrus Kyote. He was one of the few marriageable boys of his time. The year was 1746 and he wanted to make on impression. But fate would not let things transpire the way he wanted. 

Adder was walking down the gas lamp lit cobblestone streets, the clacking of his freshly shined shoes ringing in his ears and distracting him from the shadow that followed him. It wasn't that he wasn't alert...his mind was just on her, the girl's beauty and personality. His hopes that maybe if all went well their families would allow them marriage. He would be able to start his own royalty, where your blood didn't determine who you were but your heart. He was a kinder person back then. 

As he reached the house of his date, Adder paused to fix his tie and straighten his suit. There was a flash of movement and a piercing pain that fell into his neck. Adder didn't know what happened as he was left almost dead, with his last bit of energy he knocked on her door before passing out. The maid of the house found him, immediately ordering a carriage to take him back to his home. 

His mother, father, and the girls family managed to get a doctor though they could not determine the cause of his sudden illness. They all watched as he hovered between life and death, his skin a grey and white pallor removed by nothing. After a week of lying in bed and falling between consciousness and limbo, something happened. 

A man visited him, a man crimson eyes and long ivory fangs. Adder had no choice in the matter, the man smiled and explained calmly what he was about to become. A vampire, a creature of the night, that fed on the blood of others and was forbidden from ever seeing the sun again. He had protested and told the man...Everette, that he was happy with his life.

The vampire shook his head and hooked his fangs into Adder's neck again draining him completely before slitting his wrist and feeding him blood. Adder's eyes were closed as he suckled the others wrist like a starved child. He didn't know what was being fed to him but it was the most amazing warm and thick drink he had ever had. Then he was violently tossed across the room, the world seemed to change. Everything seemed to be brighter, colors were brilliant, each noise crystal clear. Even the dew upon the grass glistened with shocking intensity, Adder looked back at the man. 

"Why me, Everette?" Adder asked. Everette just chuckled.

"Because you remind me of myself, anyways...now I must leave you." Adder couldn't believe what he was hearing. This man had just made him a vampire, he barley knew how to survive. 

"How will I live?! Why do you leave me?!" The man sighed at him and clapped his hand on Adder's shoulders, looking him in the eyes. 

"You can survive, you're strong...like me. As to why I leave you...I have a lover I must...tend to." And with that the other vampire was gone, like a wisp of smoke. Adder immediately left, all the blood in his room was enough to ensure his family thinking he was dead. He didn't care, in fact it almost felt as though his emotions had been drained away with his humanity. That's when it struck him, could a vampire ever find a lover?


After Adder awoke from his dreams and spoke to Calla, he sat in his room. What was it about that woman that was so damn familiar. A knock came at his doors and the vampire looked up. 

"Come in," he said calmly, still half caught up in his thoughts. Demrin walked into the room, with the flick of his fingers the lights came on and Adder hissed. He was not a fan of lights and enjoyed candle light much more to flourescent lights. "What is it warlock?" he asked with no real emotion. "Why did you kidnap me and remove my mark...why did Calla ask for you to remove it?" Demrin just stared at him, an unreadable emotion flashing behind his eyes. 

"You don't need to worry yourself with such things, just leave Calla alone. If I hear you so much as upset her," Demrin shook his head keeping eye contact. "If it had been up to me, you would be dead for what you did!" Adder stood, keeping a gentlemanly stance as he watched the warlock. 

"What did I do? Why is everyone terrified me in a reserved way? Why should I stay away from Calla? What don't I know?" he asked, seeming slightly desperate . Demrin glared at him but didn't answer his questions, only turning and leaving with a slam of the door. Adder growled softly and collapsed back on his bed. 

"What the hell?!" he shouted. 

The End

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