Demrin left the house, Ana in tow. The girl had blacked out for a moment, but she appeared to be back from her reverie now.

“Where are we going this time?”

“To rescue Calla”.

“But.. we might have to fight Adder, or Scott”.

“Adder no longer remembers Calla, I removed his memory of her, in the interest of Calla’s safety. Scott however may be there, yes. Take my arm”.

Ana grasped his arm, Demrin concentrated and they disappeared, reappearing next to Calla where Adder had her tied down. Demrin moved to her side and brushed her cheek, gently waking her. She started at his touch, then smiled as she realised who it was.

“Demrin, you’re back” she said.

“I told you I would be back, and I never break a promise Calla my dear”. Demrin flicked his hand, ripping through the bonds tying her down. He pulled her into a sitting position and she wrapped her arms about his neck, pressing her lips against his and kissing him.

“Get a room!” Ana said and the two broke apart. Demrin gathered himself and lifted Calla to her feet. Ana moved to her other side and supported her; Calla was weak from being tied down for so long.

They moved carefully, taking slow steps until Calla regained some strength to walk. It was then that the door burst open and Scott, Stephanie and three demons entered. Demrin glared at them, then moved Calla to where she could balance against the wall.

“Get them!” Scott said, and the demons ran forwards.  Ana stepped forward next to Demrin, her face full of concentration.  Demrin hurled a ball of fire straight at the centre demon, which erupted into a flaming mass. Ana unleashed her mental attack on the one on the left; and the thing collapsed, clutching its head which then exploded.

The final demon launched itself through the air and smashed into Ana’s chest, forcing her to the ground. She screamed as the thing began to rake her flesh with its shadowy claws. Demrin blasted the beast with wind, throwing it from the girl’s chest and into the wall. Then, he caused the ground to rise up, forming a stone prison around the beast.

Stephanie launched herself forward then, but Ana caught her in mid air, her mental powers completely immobilising the succubus. She roared and flicked her head to one side, hurling the succubus straight through the stone wall and out into the street. There she lay, buried beneath the rubble.

Scott stared at the carnage, a snarl curling his lips. Shadows grew up around him, and he vanished. Demrin sighed, then went to aid Calla once more. She grasped his shoulder and whispered in his ear.

“Demrin, I want you to go and help Adder, remove that evil mark from him, rescud him from Scott’s grasp”.

“And why should I do that? He nearly killed you, and he has attacked me on more than one occasion since I saved his life before”.

“For me, Demrin, please. I just want him to come back to the light. Please Demrin, you know I love you, and I would do anything for you”.

“Okay, let me help you get back to the house first though”.

“No, Ana can help me, it’s about time we spent more time together, just us two girls”.

Demrin stared at her for a moment, and then nodded and left.


Demrin decided to search the bars. He checked several, finding nothing. Sighing, he took a seat in one of the taverns, in the shadowy corner. He glanced around him, taking in his surroundings. Then, he spotted him. The vampire was seated at the opposite wall, a shot glass filled with red liquid on the table in front of him.

Demrin watched the vampire, and when Adder rose to leave, he followed. The vampire strolled down the street, lost in his own world. Demrin stayed a safe distance behind him. Adder turned into an alley, and Demrin followed. Adder was waiting, he grabbed Demrin by the throat, and forced him up against the wall.

“Why do you follow me, Warlock?” he spat.

Demrin remained calm. “Because I am here to help you find the light again, at the request of Calla”.

“Who’s Calla?”

Demrin said nothing. He grasped the vampire’s arm, and teleported back to the mansion. Once there, he forced Adder into an induced sleep. Laying the vampire down, Demrin prepared for the removal of Scott’s mark. As he was about to begin, Ana, Calla and Jester entered. Calla came and knelt next to Demrin.

“Thank you for doing this Demrin, I love you” she said.

Demrin nodded, and placed his hands on Adder’s body. He began muttering a few words, initiating the ceremony. The shadow mark on Adder’s flesh roiled, writhing and shaking. It was fighting. Demrin formed a ball of fire which he spread over all of the mark. Reaching into his cloak, Demrin withdrew a syringe. He filled it with a silver liquid. The fire was beginning to take effect, some of the mark burning away. Demrin stabbed the needle into Adder’s heart. His body buckled, tossing against the invisible restraints Demrin had laid on him.

Abruptly, Adder’s resistance failed. The mark burned away in a matter of moments. Adder’s eyes fluttered open again.

“Oh, you’re back” Calla sobbed.

The vampire’s eyes turned to her. “Who are you?” 

The End

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