Demrin withdrew his hands from the vampires head and he dashed away. Weak from the draining he'd taken, Jester never wanted to move again. But Ana was still trapped. Adder was darker now, Jester had seen the mark spread. Now everything was going dark.

"Demrin, help Ana." He said, before blacking out.

Dark. It was very dark. The floor was cold, hard. As his eyes adjusted, Jester recognized his old room. The room that Ana had never seen, and would never want to see.  The door was solid iron, a cell door. "I will send him on his first mission soon. To prove his loyalty to you." Said a voice. There had been silence to follow that. But the room had gotten cold, the atmosphere was tense, as if a great evil had come in and was inspecting Jester. Jester didnt like the dark, or the evil. A mission, what would that mean?

The vision changed to reveal a dark street, a knife with a red handle, smooth in his hand. The goal shone in his head. Find a ghost, a human a warlock a vampire a succubus.

Changed again. A beautiful human girl. "I dont know you very well." Jester said to her, before she too disappeared into the dark." Ana..." Jester tried to call her back, but there was only the dark.

The End

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